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Experience the beating heart of South America with our flights to Buenos Aires. As Latin America’s largest city, Buenos Aires beams with eclectic energy, from the city’s passion for their beloved Boca football team to the seductive glamour of tango nights. Dance to the lively beat of Argentina’s capital and breathe in the ‘good air’ of Buenos Aires.

From an evening stroll down Avenida Corrientes to an exotic boogie at Club Tango, some of the best things in Buenos Aires are free. But you’ve still got to pay to get there. Luckily for you, at Student Flights we are experts when it comes to cheap flights to Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires Airport

Ministro Pistarini International Airport, commonly known as Ezeiza International Airport, is the principle airport of Buenos Aires located 22km south west of the city. Spanning 3,475 hectares, Ezeiza International handles around 85 per cent of the Argentina’s international flights, making it the largest international airport in the country.

Getting from the Airport

There are only two ways to travel from the airport to the city. The first is by taxi, which for the journey of 22km to Buenos Aires city centre, will cost approximately AU$34. Alternatively, a number of buses service the airport including lines 394, 518, 51 and 8.

Before you go

When holidaying in Buenos Aires you will need to speak at least some Spanish. Though hotel and airport staff may be able to speak to you in English, the majority of the city will speak Spanish, including most taxi drivers. To make life easier, take some Spanish lessons before you leave or at the very least learn the basics. Load a translator app onto your phone or take a phrase book with you. ‘Tu vas a necesitar,’ that’s Spanish for ‘you will need it!’

Once you’ve got your espanol up to scratch, the next to-do item is convert your dollars into pesos. Doing this before you go saves time trying to find currency bureaus with good exchange rates when you’re there. Don’t forget that tipping is common practice in Buenos Aires, so budget accordingly. It’s also important to be extra careful with your cash when in Buenos Aires. It’s not unusual to see taxi drivers and restaurant cashiers closely examining large bills. Follow their lead and always check you have been given the right change and in the right currency.

Lastly but most importantly, don’t leave for Buenos Aires without having travel insurance. It may be the last thing on your mind when planning your trip but accidents and emergencies can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your Student Flights consultant about what coverage is best suited to you.

What to Bring

The flight from Australia to Buenos Aires is generally around 22 hours long and will include a stopover in Santiago or North America. During this time you will not be able to access your luggage so pack all of your essentials in your hand luggage. A change of comfy clothes for when you arrive at your destination will help you feel refreshed.

Before you leave, check what the weather is like in Buenos Aires and pack a change of clothes accordingly. Buenos Aires has a warm climate so generally speaking you will need to dress for summer. There’s also no need to bring much clothing as clothes and laundry services in Buenos Aires are very cheap. Instead, pack the essentials like a pair of comfy shoes, sunscreen and your preferred toiletries as you might not be able to find the brands you want there.

During your flight

Since the flight from Australia to Buenos Aires takes around 22 hours, it’s importance to take care of yourself while onboard. The last thing you want to do is feel sick before your holiday has even begun. Stay hydrated during the flight by drinking plenty of water and hold off on wine and coffee until you arrive in Argentina.

Sitting on the plane for too long can also be bad for circulation, not to mention uncomfortable. Between sleeping, eating and enjoying the in-flight entertainment, take time to stretch your legs and walk around the plane when possible.

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