What are round the world flights?

If you're thinking about travelling around the world then you've come to the right place. At Student Flights, we have loads of round the world flights available at some amazing prices.

So how do round the world flights work exactly? Basically, a whole bunch of airlines have banded together in alliances to offer round the world flights, making it not only easier but much cheaper to book than buying individual flights. Depending on your time and budget, you can book a round the world trip departing from a range of destinations from Australia, and enjoy anywhere from three to 20 stops at different destinations throughout the world.

The best part of round the world fares is the freedom. Unlike normal flights, you are not restricted to certain times. Once you've purchased your round the world ticket, you can book your flights when you want and have up to a year to use them before they expire. This might mean spending six months in the UK, then flying to South America for a couple of months and then staying in the USA for a few weeks before coming home. The choice is yours.

Depending on your airfare, some round the world flights restrict the miles you can travel and specify that you can only travel in one direction per continent.

To book or find out more about our around the world flights, free call or email a Student Flights consultant.

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