Why you’ll love this wild ride

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    Depart bang on time, every time
    Booked and paid? You’re in! They never cancel trips, (unless there’s a serious safety or crazy weather issue). In fact, they were the first in the industry to guarantee all trips.

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    Keep your deposits forever, forever, ever
    Should something dodgy happen that’s totally out of their hands (zombie apocalypse and the like), you can rest assured with their Lifetime Deposit policy. If your trip is delayed or cancelled – your initial deposit is good for life. And you can transfer it too. Or, you can donate it.

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    Direct line to the CEO 24/7
    You can get in touch with the big cheese of G Adventures at anytime from anywhere – for any important questions.

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    Bunk on your own
    Don’t want to share a room? You don’t have to! Single travellers can pick the ‘My own room’ option for a sweet G Adventures price.* But if you’re travelling alone and would like to share – they can sort that for you too!
    * See individual trips as some exceptions apply

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    They’re different, good different
    They don’t just step off the beaten path; they make their own tracks. They’re unexpected. They’re not cliché. They’re adventurous and try new things and they won’t take you to the same old tourist spots.

Where we go

Roam free with G Adventures tours

With G Adventures, you'll take the road less travelled, eat the food less eaten, drink the, you get the point. They're not your typical touristy tour group.

It's pretty hard to get remembered as an explorer these days. Magellen, Columbus and Cook, those guys, they stole all the glory. But you will come close on a G Adventures tour.

G Adventures tours aren't just holidays, they're exploratory adventures. You'll visit places you've only read about in books – and we're not talking about your typical guidebooks. You'll experience the unexpected and get under the skin of every place you land. You won't just come back with sand in your shoes; you'll have a few rocks in your boots too.

When you travel with G Adventures, getting there is half the fun. They travel in small groups of curious like-minded travellers – kids from all over the world that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Curiosity, wonder and spontaneity are always on the agenda, and often, those seat-of-the-pants, toss-the-itinerary-out-the-window moments are what makes the trip truly memorable. G Adventures prefer real to simulated.

On G Adventure tours you'll stay in small, intimate accommodation. You can even camp with G Adventures too!

G Adventure tours all over. They think the world pretty awesome and they just can't wait to show you 'round.

Trip Styles

Aged 18 to 30? Know what YOLO means? You'll love this. It's a fun and affordable trip with a small group of like-minded travellers.

Have secret MacGyver skills? Itchy feet and ants in your pants? This is for you. Hike, bike, raft or kayak around the world. Don't forget the gaffer tape!

Share your wild spirit of adventure with your kids and travel with cool families, just like yours. You'll appreciate safety in numbers and short travel times.

It's a bit of this, bit of that - the perfect mix of active exploration, uncommon landscapes, amazing wildlife and local cultures.

Like the sound of sailing Thailand's sun-kissed islands? Exploring Antarctica aboard an expedition ship? Yachting in Croatia? These trips will float your boat.

Comfort and Small
Genuine, unforgettable experiences with all the frills. G-Plus features upgraded accommodation, nicer rides, fancier meals, private transfers and more.

Local Living
Earthy adventures designed to bring you closer to the land and its people. You’ll stay in all kinds of places – everything from quaint agriturismos (farmhouses) to beachfront apartments.

Top Tours with G Adventures

  • There's so much to see in Europe; don't settle for a cramped bus tour. Head south for an adventure as unique as you are.

    London to Marrakech Express, 15 Days

    from $2,349*

    • 15 day tour departing London.
    • 13 nights accommodation in simple hotels.
    • 1 night accommodation on an overnight bus.
    • 1 lunch.
    • Guided visit of the Alhambra (Granada).
    • Visit to Parc Guell (Barcelona).
    • Orientation walk of Paris, Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Chefchaouen.
    • Transport by local bus, air-con coach bus, train, plane, ferry, walking.
    • Services of a G Adventures Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, local guide.
    • Small group experience; maximum 16, average 10.
    HIGHLIGHTS: London - Paris - Barcelona - Granada - Seville - Chefchaouen - Fes - Casablanca - Marrakech

    Beginning in London-traveller central-you'll cross the channel for some French culture before hitting Spain for Moorish history, architecture in Barcelona and a tapas culture that will set you up for the endless nightlife. Best of all, this trip doesn't fade out-you'll finish up in Morocco with its mosques, medinas and kasbahs. It's a European tour with a southern kiss of the exotic.

    Day 1 London
    Meet in London at 6pm to catch the Eurostar train to Paris, to spend the night.

    Day 2-3 Paris
    Enjoy in a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, then explore the city. Montmartre or the Louvre, anyone?

    Day 4-6 Barcelona
    Fly in style to Barcelona, then enjoy an orientation walk of Barcelona including the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas. Opt to visit Parc Guell and go for an evening tapas and wine bar stroll. Free time to visit the Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi masterpieces or the museums of Montjuic and Barceloneta. Overnight bus to Granada.

    Day 7 Granada
    Orientation walk through Granada's busy streets and guided visit of the Alhambra.

    Day 8 Seville
    Orientation walk through the winding alleyways of Seville then opt to explore the Alcazar or watch a flamenco performance.

    Day 9-10 Chefchaouen
    Ferry over to Morocco. Orientation walk through this mysterious blue village perched high in the Rif Mountains. Opt to hike through the mountains, explore local villages and be mesmerized by nearby waterfalls.

    Day 11-12 Fes
    Explore the Fes medina, the world's largest and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Evening entertainment in this town beckons, so go out and enjoy it

    Day 13 Casablanca
    Step back in time in the Old Medina, admire the spectacular Hassan II Mosque (second largest in the world after Mecca), explore the art deco quarter or lounge on Casablanca's long sandy beach.

    Day 14 Marrakech
    Explore the souks of Marrakech; watch the acrobats, fortune tellers, storytellers and snake charmers recalling an era past.

    Day 15 Marrakech
    Depart at any time.

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  • Whether you're looking for relaxed afternoons lazing on the deck of a yacht or time to indulge in the nightlife, this Croatian cruise aims to please.

    Sailing Croatia, 8 Days

    from $1,349*

    • 8 day tour departing Dubrovnik.
    • 7 nights accommodation on a sailing yacht.
    • Basic items on the boat will be covered by a food kitty of about 50EUR per person (allow EUR250-300 for meals ashore not included).
    • Use of snorkelling equipment.
    • Services of a Chief Experience Officer (CEO) skipper throughout.
    • Small group experience; maximum 8.
    HIGHLIGHTS: Dubrovnik - Adriatic Sea

    Embark in lovely Dubrovnik and discover charming villages as you sail from island to stunning island on a small yacht. The emphasis is on connecting with the country and culture and you'll fall in love with this region's beauty on hikes to castles and waterfalls. Toss in beach barbecues and snorkelling and you have an incredible and affordable island getaway.

    Day 1 Dubrovnik
    Arrival day. Join your group at 14:00 for a welcome meeting and safety briefing before beginning your sailing journey at 15:00 to Split. Enjoy a night cap with your crew mates on the boat or head out to explore Dubrovnik by night.

    Day 2-7 Adriatic Sea
    While travelling the Dalmatian coast by sailboat discover secluded beaches for the perfect beach barbeque. Hike through the National Park that inspired Odysseus for years in Mljet. Kayak your way through gorgeous inlets and explore the caves of Korcula. UNESCO World Hertiage sites Dubrovnik and Hvar offer an insight into Croatian culture and architecture. Explore the beaches of Brac as the tide comes in shifting it's shape before arriving in Split to explore ancient Roman ruins including the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian.

    Day 8 Split
    Departure day, depart at any time after 10am

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  • Transylvania Unearthed - Halloween Edition, 9 Days

    from $1,699*

    • 9 day tour departing Bucharest.
    • 8 nights accommodation in hotels.
    • 1 lunch.
    • Activities: Ruins of Dracula's Poenari Castle visit, Sibiu orientation walk, Halloween party at haunted Hunyad Castle, Sighisoara orientation walk and free time, Prejmer Fortress visit, Brasov orientation walk and free time, Bran Castle visit, Peles Castle visit, Bucharest orientation walk.
    • Transport on trains and local buses.
    • G Adventures Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout and local guides.
    HIGHLIGHTS: Bucharest - Sibiu - Hunedoara - Sighisoara - Brasov

    Is there a better time to explore Romania's most (in)famous region than during Halloween? We don't think so. Yeah, this is indeed the place that popularized the vampire myth, but there's so much more to this charming swath of Europe beyond the spooky stuff. Incredible Gothic architecture, lush forests, captivating little villages filled with friendly people, and gorgeous cities like Sighisoara and Brasov. And on Halloween itself we'll even treat you to a costume party inside a genuine Transylvanian castle. Scared yet? Don't be. Your CEO is always there to hold your hand.

    Day 1: Bucharest
    Arrive at any time.

    Day 2: Sibiu
    Visit the ruins of Dracula's Poenari Castle en route and orientation walk in Sibiu upon arrival. Opt to visit the open air museum of Traditional Folk Civilization or the art-focused Brukenthal Museum.

    Day 3: Hunedoara
    Enjoy more time in Sibiu before attending a Halloween party at the haunted Hunyad Castle - don't forget your costume!

    Days 4 to 5: Sighisoara
    Orientation walk upon arrival, then free time to explore the birthplace of Vlad 'The Impaler' Tepes, also known to many as Dracula. On Day 5, use your free day to enjoy this city and the surrounding countryside.

    Days 6 to 7: Brasov
    Visit the Prejmer Fortress en route. Orientation walk upon arrival to Brasov and visit the Bran Castle, sometimes called 'Dracula's Castle'. Take some time on Day 7 to explore a little more of Brasov and some villages in the area.

    Day 8: Bucharest
    Visit the famous Neo-Renaissance Peles Castle en route, then enjoy an orientation walk upon arrival to the capital. Free time to explore Bucharest's many attractions, including one of its best museums, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

    Day 9: Bucharest
    Depart at any time.

  • When it comes to beautiful coastlines and natural geographic wonders, it's hard to beat the Turkish Rivera.

    Sailing Turkey, 10 Days

    from $1,799*

    • 10 day tour departing Fethiye.
    • 9 nights accommodation sailing onboard a 12m (40-ft) catamaran.
    • Basic items on the boat will be covered by a food kitty of about 75EUR per person (allow EUR250-300 for meals ashore not included).
    • Snorkelling equipment.
    • Services of a Chief Experience Officer (CEO) skipper throughout.
    • Small group experience; maximum 8.
    HIGHLIGHTS: Fethiye - Southern Turkish Coast - Bodrum

    On this sailing adventure, you'll cruise along the area known as the Lyacian Way, a popular destination with a long-standing maritime culture. That said, there are still many off-the-beaten-path treasures waiting to be discovered, and you'll have the perfect opportunity to do so in between snorkelling, swimming in open water, relaxing in mud baths, and enjoying Turkey's beaches. Living aboard our state-of-the-art catamaran means you'll never have to go without.

    Day 1 Fethiye
    Meet your skipper and group at 17:00 for a welcome meeting and safety briefing before boarding the catamaran. Enjoy the first night in the port of Fethiye. Relax onboard or spend the evening exploring this ancient Lycain town.

    Day 2-9 Southern Turkish Coast
    Enjoy 8 breathtaking days of exploring the beautiful and rugged coast of Turkey. Escape to secluded beaches, swim in crystal clear turquoise waters and marvel at ruins from ancient civilizations. Your skipper will help you make the most of the tiny seaside villages by recommending optional activities and sailing in quiet coves and desolate anchorages. Gaze at the mysterious rock tombs in Dalyan. Hike through the ruin sites at Knidos. Spend a mellow afternoon of sunbathing on the beach on Datca or go swimming in the turquoise waters. Enjoy local meals throughout your journey at small local taverns and be greeted by smiles from the friendly locals. Sail past the castel of St. Peter as you arrive into Turkey's sailing hub of Bodrum.

    Day 10 Bodrum
    Departure day, depart at any time after 10am.

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