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i to i tours allow you to do something extrodinary and volunteer or teach overseas

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Did you know that a camels' hump isn't full of water, but full of fat? It help camels survive up to two weeks without food, allowing them to lose up to 25 gallons of water with no side effects. It also helps keep their body temperature in check. Now that's a hump worth having.

Drunk on Wadi Rum, 7 Days

HIGHLIGHTS: Amman - Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Aqaba - Petra - Jerash

Make a beeline for Rai...

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Having not travelled too much I wasn't sure if a tour would be be my cup of tea. Oh how I was wrong, we had an extremely packed 1 week on the west coast of USA and saw some amazing things including The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, and the small group was filled with great people, very down to earth and loads of fun. Highly recommended!

Chris from Brisbane

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