Why adventure's in the bag with Intrepid

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    Getting there is more fun
    Turns out it's not the destination or the journey; it's the vehicle that gets you there. With Intrepid your transport options will be the weird and wonderful.

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    Handpicked accommodation
    Family run hotel, hilltop monastery or Bedouin camp, there's one thing all Intrepid accommodation options have in common – character.

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    There's an Intrepid trip departing today
    Right now, as you're reading this, excited kids just like you are about to take off, because Intrepid trips leave daily and they're all guaranteed to go!

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    Flexi tours
    Most solo travellers will make a face if you mention tours – 'til they've travelled with Intrepid. Join in on activities or go it alone, either way you'll be provided with local knowledge and the tools to explore.

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    Loads of trips
    Over 1200 trips in 100 countries – from one day to 207 days. And there are three different trip styles too.

Good things come in small tour groups

Intrepid knows why you travel. The same reason they travelled in an old truck across Africa 25 years ago – to come face to face with the real world, go on real adventures and make real memories.

And because Intrepid travels in small groups – you can travel the local way, eat the local way and sleep the local way. If you were any closer to real life, you'd be living there! Get tonnes of awesome knowledge from local leaders who'll take you places guidebooks have failed to discover.

With trips departing daily to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Australiasia and Antarctica, you're bound to find an Intrepid tour that's your flavour. For something extra special, check out their brand new range of food adventures. Yummo!

Whether you want a short and sweet break or 90-day overland tour, you're guaranteed adventure with Intrepid travel.

Trip Styles

Featuring a mix of activities and free time and some meals included, the original style includes cheap and cheerful accommodation (2-3*) and may even include a home stay. Travel varies from camel, train to safari vehicle. Max 12 travellers.

Nothing you don't need and everything you want! With Basix you can get stacks of free time, a few budget bites, cheap as chips stays (1-2*) and optional activities. You'll need your own tent for camping trips. Travel on bus, safari vehicle or donkey. Max 16 travellers.

A grassroots experience with more inclusions, meals and creature comforts. Stay mainly in 3-4* accommodation, with an opportunity to stay with local families. Max 12 travellers.

  • <strong>WAS</strong> $1720* <strong>NOW</strong> $1548* <strong>SAVE</strong> $172*

    Best of Turkey, 15 Days, SAVE $172*

    from $1,548*

    • 15 day tour departing Istanbul.
    • 2 nights accommodation (Guesthouse).
    • 8 nights accommodation (Hotel).
    • 1 night (overnight boat).
    • 1 night (overnight bus).
    • 11 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner.
    • Bursa - Dervish Lodge, Goreme - Home-cooked dinner, Goreme - Valley walk, Istanbul - Leader-led walking tour, Kas - Turquoise coast overnight boat cruise, Kayakoy - Ghost Village, Kayakoy - Lycian Hike, Kayakoy - Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Pamukkale - Hierapolis & Travertines National Park, Selcuk - Ephesus Archaeological site, Selcuk - Gozleme making demonstration and lunch, Selcuk - Sirince visit & fruit wine tasting.
    • Services of an Intrepid tour leader.
    • Transport by Bus, Dolmus, Ferry, Gulet, Overnight bus, Private Bus, Taxi.
    • WAS $1720* NOW $1548* SAVE $172*.
    HIGHLIGHTS:Istanbul - Bursa - Selcuk - Pamukkale - Kayakoy - Kas / Turquoise coast overnight boat cruise - Konya - Goreme - Istanbul

    Days 1-2 Istanbul
    Adorned with treasure from all periods of human history, Istanbul is not only one of the world's most fascinating places, it's also one of its most mesmerising.

    Day 3 Bursa
    Once the capital of the Ottoman State, Bursa has a rich architectural heritage. It's also famous for being the home of the Iskander (doner) kebab.

    Days 4-5 Selcuk
    Selcuk's claim to fame is its proximity to the amazing ruins of Ephesus, although it has its own charm with its orchards, forests and strong cultural roots.

    Day 6 Pamukkale
    The arresting cascade of travertines and nearby hot springs have attracted visitors to Pamukkale since ancient times.

    Days 7-8 Kayakoy
    Once a small Greek town, Kayakoy is now virtually a ghost town and maintained as a museum with fascinating ruins, especially of the two churches.

    Days 9-10 Kas / Turquoise coast overnight boat cruise
    Sunken cities, Mediterranean beaches, a whitewashed Old Town, spectacular cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere are all found in delightful Kas.

    Day 11 Konya
    Home to the mesmerising Whirling Dervish sect of Islam, Konya has strong theological roots, remarkable architecture, a historical market district and excellent museums.

    Days 12-14 Goreme
    Sculptured by millenniums of erosion and centuries of human craftsmanship, Goreme is a truly magical place with fairy chimneys, rock-hewn churches and underground cities.

    Day 15 Istanbul
    The wonderful city of Istanbul has an incredibly rich history, amazing array of architectural styles, a delectable cuisine, vibrant nightlife, fascinating culture and oodles of style.
  • <strong>WAS</strong> $3195* <strong>NOW</strong> $2875* <strong>SAVE</strong> $320*

    Best of Spain, 15 Days, SAVE $320*

    from $2,875*

    • 15 day tour departing Madrid.
    • 14 nights accommodation (Hotel).
    • 3 breakfasts.
    • Alhambra entrance, Flamenco performance, La Sagrada Familia, Mezquita, Valencia Cathedral.
    • Services of an Intrepid tour leader.
    • Transport by Bus, Metro, Taxi, Train.
    • WAS $3195* NOW $2875* SAVE $320*.
    HIGHLIGHTS:Madrid - Granada - Seville - Costa de la Luz - Ronda - Cordoba - Valencia - Barcelona

    Day 1 Madrid
    Madrid is home to a wealth of remarkable sights, sounds and experiences. Soak up the art, be wowed by the architecture and swoon over the exceptional food.

    Days 2-3 Granada
    Home to the stunning Alhambra Palace and set against a backdrop of the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is one of Andalucia's most enchanting cities.

    Days 4-5 Seville
    Seville is renowned for its oranges, tapas and flamenco - all three are ingrained in the fabric of the city and its proud people.

    Days 6-7 Costa de la Luz
    Located on the Costa de la Luz and looking out towards Morocco, Tarifa is a relaxed town famed for water sports, wind sports and beaches.

    Days 8-9 Ronda
    Divided by a deep gorge and the spectacular Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), the city of Ronda is sure to impress with its historic buildings, natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

    Day 10 Cordoba
    With incredible architecture, a passion for food and flamenco and a colourful history beginning around 8,000 BC, Cordoba has a story waiting around every corner.

    Days 11-12 Valencia
    Long the Spanish gateway to the Mediterranean, Valencia has a special charm with busy markets, beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains and a fascinating mix of old and new.

    Days 13-15 Barcelona
    Barcelona's quirky character and fabulous Catalan cuisine mixes seamlessly with a groundbreaking art scene, Gothic architecture, superb dining and a non-stop nightlife, making it a city you won't soon forget.
  • <strong>WAS</strong> $3295* <strong>NOW</strong> $2966* <strong>SAVE</strong> $329*

    Best of Italy, 15 Days, SAVE $329*

    from $2,966*

    • 15 day tour departing Rome.
    • 11 nights accommodation (Hotel).
    • 3 nights (Private apartment).
    • 2 breakfasts.
    • Bicycle tour, Cinque Terre day pass, Duomo roof visit, Lake Como ferry pass, Piazzale Michelangelo, Walk to Portofino and return boat ride, Winery visit.
    • Services of an Intrepid tour leader.
    • Transport by Bicycle, Boat, Bus, Metro, Train.
    • WAS $3295* NOW $2966* SAVE $329*.
    HIGHLIGHTS:Rome - Florence - Lucca/Pisa - Cinque Terre - Portofino/Piedmont - Milan/Italian Lakes - Venice

    Day 1 Rome
    With timeworn ruins, extraordinary buildings and religious monuments around every corner, Rome is a true gem that seamlessly incorporates modern city life with ancient wonders.

    Days 2-3 Florence
    Awash with artistic treasures, Florence is Italy's most revered city for its Renaissance and religious masterpieces, enchanting historic centre and unsurpassed beauty.

    Days 4-6 Lucca/Pisa
    One of Tuscany's real hidden gems, Lucca's city ramparts are packed with centuries-old buildings, beautiful churches, charming piazzas and narrow streets. Pisa is the iconic home of a famous tower that leans and the Piazza del Duomo, a stunning walled area famed for its religious buildings and medieval art.

    Days 7-8 Cinque Terre
    The breathtaking Cinque Terre showcases five charming villages, linked by ancient pathways and dramatic cliffs that drop into the rich blue waters of the Ligurian Sea.

    Days 9-10 Portofino/Piedmont
    The ritzy seaside town of Portofino is the perfect place to relax with a coffee by the harbour or take in the fabulous coastal scenery of the Italian Riviera. Home to some of the finest and most sought after wines in Europe, the town of Asti in the Piedmont region is also the best place to sample 'tartufo' (truffles).

    Days 11-12 Milan/Italian Lakes
    Italy's most prosperous and fashionable city, Milan is the place for stylish shopping, artistic masterpieces and architectural marvels, including its magnificent Duomo. Lake Como has a big reputation for beauty and sophistication and it really delivers - perfect turquoise waters, exquisite lakeside villas, charming villages and spectacular mountain views await.

    Days 13-15 Venice
    Built over a hundred small islands connected by 400 bridges, Venice is an artistic masterpiece with charming canals, incredible architecture, an enticing cuisine and a fascinating cultural tradition.
  • <strong>WAS</strong> $3450* <strong>NOW</strong> $3105* <strong>SAVE</strong> $345*

    Highlights of France, 9 Days, SAVE $345*

    from $3,105*

    • 9 day tour departing Paris.
    • 7 nights accommodation (Hotel).
    • 1 night (Chateau).
    • 8 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners.
    • Palais des Papes, Welcome dinner in Paris, Wine tasting.
    • Services of an Intrepid tour leader.
    • Transport bu Bus, Metro, Minibus, Taxi, Train.
    • WAS $3450* NOW $3105* SAVE $345*.
    HIGHLIGHTS:Paris - Dijon/Beaune - Sainte Sabine - Chateau Stay - Avignon - Nice

    Days 1-2 Paris
    Rich in museums, art galleries, monuments, fashion and fabulous food, Paris offers a wealth of major sights and hidden treasures to discover.

    Days 3-4 Dijon/Beaune
    The capital of France's culturally rich Burgundy Province, Dijon boasts a delightful city centre, numerous medieval and renaissance buildings, and labyrinthine streets filled with charming shops and restaurants. Beaune is located in the wine region of the Cote d'Or, an area that produces some of the best wines in France and is made up of the Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits, where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. The best Burgundy wines are grown here in the golden-red soil, hence the name Cote d'Or (land of gold).

    Day 5 Sainte Sabine - Chateau Stay
    Spend a night in a traditional French chateau and feel as though you've stepped back in time while exploring the grounds and soaking up views across the French countryside.

    Days 6-7 Avignon
    An elegant, walled city in Provence's most picturesque valley, Avignon is home to an impressive collection of art, a grand papal palace and the Pont St-Benezet.

    Days 8-9 Nice
    Nestled elegantly on the Riviera, Nice boasts stunning beaches, colourful markets, and impressive architecture - and is a wonderful base to further explore the famed Cote d'Azur.
  • A little short on time but keen to experience the major hot spots of Morocco? Jump on this adventure for a journey through the fragrant spice markets, imperial cities and epic landscapes of this legendary country. Visit the famous mosques of Casablanca, wander the streets of Moulay Idriss, chomp into a camel burger and discover the old city of Fes. This trip gives you a rich taste of the highlights of this seductive country, ending in Marrakech, where superb shopping, bustling night markets and a bewildering street scene wait to enchant you.

    Morocco Express

    from $595*

    • Guesthouse, Hotel
      Saadien Tombs.
    Day 1 Casablanca
    With a bustling old medina, Art-Deco buildings, contemporary art galleries and one of Africa's biggest ports, Casablanca is a city of all ages.

    Day 2 Meknes
    A relaxed city with an array of historical sites on its doorstep, Meknes has a fascinating Old Town and wonderful labyrinthine streets.

    Days 3-4 Fes
    Fes is the most complete medieval city in the Arab world. The most ancient of Morocco's imperial cities, it exists suspended in time.

    Days 5-8 Marrakech
    Buzzing with energy, Marrakech is without a doubt the beating heart of Morocco. Be entertained by gymnasts, snake-charmers, fire-eaters and storytellers before finding a table at the nightly food market. Watch your meal being cooked before your eyes – this unique dining experience is an unforgettable way to finish off this exciting express trip through Morocco.
  • Travel in the footsteps of Alexander the Great in Alexandria, Egypt's modern beach city that was once the pearl of the Mediterranean. Venture underground to explore atmospheric Roman catacombs and marvel at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a great feat of architecture built to house eight million books. Walk through spice-laden souqs, admire an incredible mosque and visit the medieval Fort Qaitbey, built on the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Short and sweet, this trip to Alexandria provides an insight into thousands of years of conquest and civilisation.

    Alexandria Short Break

    from $615*

    • Hotel
      Private vehicle.
    Day 1 Cairo/Alexandria
    Wonderfully chaotic and always colourful, Cairo's dazzling array of museums, mosques and markets are a fascinating mixture of modern city and ancient wonders. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria is packed with architectural and cultural wonders, both ancient and modern.

    Day 2 Alexandria/Cairo
    With such iconic sights as the Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx to explore, Cairo offers a visual masterclass of ancient Egyptian architecture.
  • Imagine a country with the charisma of Europe, the passion of Africa and the charm of the Middle East. A place where ancient cultures are intertwined with dramatic landscapes and time-worn medinas give a glimpse into imperial cities of the past. Now, the whole family can fall under Morocco’s spell on an action-packed adventure from magical Marrakech to the old pirate port of Essaouira, covering everything from camel-clad deserts to pristine beaches along the way. So whether it’s in spice-infused back alleys, among crumbling Roman ruins or below the snow-capped Atlas Mountains – the allure of Morocco will prove impossible to ignore.
    Day 1 Marrakech
    Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Be enticed by the alluring scents and brilliant colours of the spice markets, the sounds of the musicians and the perfume of its gardens.

    Days 2-3 Atlas Mountains
    A pleasant village in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Ifergane is home to the Berber people who inhabited the land centuries before the Arabs arrived.

    Day 4 Agadir
    One of Morocco's main seaside resorts, Agadir offers wide sandy beaches and excellent seafood.

    Days 5-6 Essaouira
    A seaside town with undeniable charm, Essaouira's stone ramparts play host to whitewashed houses with bright blue shutters, art galleries and a picturesque harbour.

    Days 7-8 Marrakech
    Marrakech is home to a seemingly endless mosaic of souqs. Each is devoted to a separate trade: pottery, woodwork, copper, leather, carpets and spices.
  • From the heart of Marrakech’s Medina to the top of Mt Toubkal, this Moroccan adventure offers you a sublime combination of city sights and mountain trekking. Learn some basic Arabic or Berber from the local villagers in the Atlas Mountains, while experiencing the friendly hospitality of the Berber people, and ascend to the summit of North Africa’s highest peak. Prepare for a sensory overload as you encounter the Djemaa el-Fna for the first time, get lost in Marrakech’s maze of covered market streets and feel those tastebuds tingle over a traditional Moroccan tajine.

    Mount Toubkal Trek

    from $660*

    • Gite, Hotel
      Private minibus.
    Day 1 Marrakech
    Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Be enticed by the alluring scents and brilliant colours of the spice markets, the sounds of the musicians, the rich folds of carpets, delectable foods, acrobats and perfumed gardens.

    Days 2-3 Aroumd
    Perched on a rocky outcrop, the remote village of Aroumd offers stunning views across the High Atlas Mountains and a unique opportunity to experience traditional Berber culture.

    Days 4-5 Neltner Hut/Mt Toubkal Summit
    The summit of Mt Toubkal - North Africa's highest peak - commands magnificent panoramic views across the tranquil valleys and lower summits of the High Atlas range.

    Days 6-8 Marrakech
    Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Be enticed by the alluring scents and brilliant colours of the spice markets, the sounds of the musicians and the perfume of its gardens.

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