Chasing an endless summer in New Caledonia

Impossibly clear water, an unhurried vibe, a smattering of French and plenty of palm trees was what I was promised and New Caledonia delivered. It was only 17 degrees on the day Carnival Spirit sailed out of Sydney Harbour, but on my first trip to the South Pacific, the winter weather was still warm and sunny most of the time. Noumea may be just a … Continue reading

Travel Obsessions: Canada

Canada, eh? Dig out your Canadian tuxedo (that’s double denim to the uninitiated) and pay homage to the most bacon-centric country in North America. Aussies have a natural affinity with Canada and the Canucks where the outdoorsy lifestyle mirrors our own pursuits, albeit on the wintry tip.     Yep, Canada’s winters are long, cold and dark, particularly above the Arctic Circle where permafrost and … Continue reading

How to pick the best seat in economy

If you’re flying at the pointy end of the plane in first class or business class, this blog is not for you. This is for the peeps in economy, who want to know how to get a little extra wiggle room, stretch out their legs, win the war of the armrests and just basically get a little personal space on their long-haul flight. Amiright?   … Continue reading

5 must-dos on your first day in Tokyo

Tokyo is a mega-city that will attack your senses and rip you out of your comfort zone. From the moment you arrive into the heaving mess of people, food, lights and sounds, you will wander with eyes wide from amazement. A visit here is a rite of passage for any young traveller who truly wants to experience something different. Here’s my top 5 must-dos on … Continue reading

6 places you never knew existed in Europe

For a continent stuffed full of countries that could fit into the state of Victoria, there’s even smaller blink-and-you’ll-miss-them independent states dotted across Europe. These so-called European microstates are not only ideal for racking up your country count and passport stamps for bragging rights, they’re packed full of quirk and offer a totally different experience to your Frances, Italys and Germanys.     If you’re … Continue reading

Best swashbuckling places to be a pirate

Hey mateys – do you speak fluent buccaneer? If phrases like “Avast me hearties”, “Shiver me timbers” and “Walk the plank” are part of your everyday lingo, you’ll no doubt already be across the fact that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So for landlubbers and scurvy wenches and everyone else in between; grab your galley crew, sing some sea shanties and raise … Continue reading

How to have a Frozen good time in Norway

Unless you’ve been living under an avalanche, you’ve probably heard about the Disney box office behemoth that is Frozen, which, judging by the turnout at the recent Comic-Con events, is transfixing little and big girls (and boys) around the world with its icy fairytale.     Set in the fictional town of Arendelle and inspired by parts of Norway, the animated flick has prompted a … Continue reading

Cook Islands adventures

Student Flights National Marketing Executive Sharna took in all the sun, sand and snorkelling she could possibly fit in on her amazing trip to the Cook Islands. Located north of New Zealand and just a six-hour non-stop flight from Sydney, the Cook Islands is made up of just 15 small islands with tropical temps all year round. Here are Sharna’s tips on how to make the … Continue reading

5 bucket list experiences to try in South America

South America is on the to-do list for many for the sheer scale of ancient sights, natural wonders and captivating cultures available in this vast and varied continent. The good news is, you don’t have to be an adventurer to head to South America and feel like a pioneer venturing to a new frontier. Whether you opt for a guided tour or decide to DIY, … Continue reading

Staff Picks hotel review: Patong Beach Hotel

It’s all about location, location on a Thailand beach vacay and it really doesn’t get much better than a hotel right on the sand with the sea in your sights. If you want the lowdown on the best places to stay and par-tay in Phuket, you really need to know about our Staff Picks hotels. Located in only the best locations with stylish, comfy surrounds … Continue reading