Hipster hangouts in Hawaii

Don’t hate on Hawaii because it’s beautiful – there’s gritty amid the pretty where the bearded can happily co-exist with the board-shorted. While there’s no shortage of fancy hotels, stunning beaches, jaw-dropping scenic sights and massive sales to hit up on your holiday, there’s more to Hawaii than package tours and drinks packages. Our insiders have let us know about heaps of lo-fi hotspots frequented … Continue reading

Staff Picks hotel review: Mercure Siam Bangkok

Flights booked? Check. Annual leave form submitted? Check. Holiday wardrobe purchased? Check. Missing something? Somewhere to stay, perhaps? But not just anywhere, you want a cool hotel in the hottest global locations. Somewhere in the middle of all the action with heaps of free extras included in the price of your stay. We know this, so with our Staff Picks hotels, we’ve checked them out … Continue reading

Best stopovers from Australia to Europe

“I really enjoyed sitting in one spot for 24 hours,” said nobody. Ever.  But in order to get all the way to Europe,  it’s kind of a given that Aussie travellers will clock up some serious seat time and unless you’re a serious spin class devotee, that’s a bit numbing on the bum to say the least. So before you settle in for the long … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Volunteer Lauren Smith in Tanzania

Tanzania. A diverse nation on the East coast of Africa bordering Kenya, Uganda and the Indian Ocean. It’s also the country where uni student Lauren Smith spent two months volunteering for the Plaster House – a recovery home for children who have had corrective orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery or neurosurgery for a disability.  No stranger to volunteering, the Tanzania trip was Lauren’s fourth volunteering expedition. She … Continue reading

Where’s the party at in Queensland

Queensland’s warm weather, long days and relaxed culture lend itself to two things – barely-there clothing and the perfect conditions for a party. Whatever part of the Sunshine State you find yourself in, there’s no shortage of clubs, bars or lounges to enjoy some post-beach drinks and dancing. It’s worth noting, however, that Queensland has a statewide lockout law that stops you from entering any … Continue reading

Top 5 places to party in Europe

Between the Mona Lisa’s smile and the Acropolis’ Parthenon lies a world that – although not mentioned in your high school history books or uni course curriculum – will most certainly take pride of place in your personal history. Yep, we’re talking about the clubs, the bars, and the world-renowned parties and music festivals of Europe where the good times are plentiful; the drinks are … Continue reading

Travel Obsessions: Morocco

Morocco has serious fashion cachet. I don’t mean in an embroidered- kaftan-and-crafted-leather-slipper way, although those sartorial souvenirs are awesome, I’m talking designers of the calibre of Yves Saint Laurent, who had a villa in the North African country, and countless couture houses like Marni, Armani and Dior, style arbiters like kaftan queen Camilla,  and boho-loving celebs who regularly style-bite Morocco for fashion inspo. Even Paul … Continue reading

World’s weirdest sporting events

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the recent Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games may have dominated the sporting pages, our TVs and pretty much all our waking hours in a year where we’ve just gotten over bleary eyes and spoiler alerts for Wimbledon and Le Tour de France, but at Student Flights HQ, we’re drawn to the quirky, the oddball and, let’s be honest, … Continue reading

Quiz: Where should you holiday in Miami?

A veritable slashie of a city, Florida’s Miami has its finger in every key lime pie. There’s the glamorous clubs, the high-rollers, the beautiful beaches, the spring break party scene and the lurking gators of the Everglades – just for starters. Equally iconic are the multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-everything enclaves of Miami from glitzy South Beach to outdoorsy Key Biscayne, Little Havana to Little Haiti and … Continue reading

What you need to know about airport security

In an ever-changing world, major events impact how we travel around the globe. Even if it’s your first big trip overseas, you know that making jokes about bombs on planes isn’t going to fly with anyone (pardon the pun), let alone at the boarding gate. But even if you’ve racked up more frequent flyer miles than Richard Branson, it pays to know the latest info … Continue reading