What you need to know about airport security

In an ever-changing world, major events impact how we travel around the globe. Even if it’s your first big trip overseas, you know that making jokes about bombs on planes isn’t going to fly with anyone (pardon the pun), let alone at the boarding gate. But even if you’ve racked up more frequent flyer miles than Richard Branson, it pays to know the latest info … Continue reading

SF Spotlight: Sunny Side Up Bali Tropical Festival

Music and cocktails poolside overlooking the beach in Bali. Hello? You had us at music and cocktails by the pool, Bali just clinches the deal. While booking a budget Bali break for you and your besties is always a good idea, time your visit to coincide with the inaugural Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival 2014, which promises an innovative music and cocktail experience. It’s all … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Emily Lush on interning in Laos

Is your heart longing for Laos? Enamoured by the flavours, colours and pace of Southeast Asian life? Magazine journalist Emily Lush left her heart in Laos on a recent holiday, and through a little determination, she found a way to come back by hooking up an internship at Ock Pop Tok – a fair trade textiles business in Luang Prabang. We caught up with Emily … Continue reading

5 reasons we heart Portland

America’s hipster capital. Rose City. Beervana. PDX. Puddletown. Rip City. Stumptown. P-Town. Whatever you want to call Portland, there’s no denying the Oregon city’s got game. At least the local NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers, does.  But it’s also a hotspot not afraid to fly its freak flag with ‘Keep Portland Weird’ bumper stickers – the slogan is said to be the city’s unofficial … Continue reading

Top 10 Las Vegas shows to see in 2014

Warbling divas square up to blockbuster musicals while punchline-happy comics spar with masters of the sleight of hand. No, it’s not a TKO boxing bout in Vegas, although there are heaps of those on offer. It’s just another night on the tiles in Sin City where the star-studded entertainment rivals the glitz and glamour of the Strip. And forget lounge lizards and washed-up comedians, although … Continue reading

The dos and don’ts of Ibiza

Summer in Europe means only one thing: Ibiza. The original party isle, located in the sun-kissed Spanish Balearic Islands, is famous for sun, sand, sounds and mucho sangria. It’s a magnet for world-famous DJs who spend their summers spinning discs and amping up the crowds during their covetable residencies at megaclubs like Space, Privilege, Amnesia, esParadis, Eden and Pacha, and for EDM fans from all … Continue reading

Top 5 USA cities for music

Scan any music download chart and you’ll see that USA is usually top of the pops. The States has birthed a number of musical genres from chicken scratch to riot grrl and thrash metal to swamp pop, plus those slightly better known styles like blues, rock, jazz and rap. And there’s more musical shrines than you can write an alt country song about. Retro rockabilly … Continue reading

5 things to know before you go to Paris

Think of Paris and images of stylish people wearing striped tees and berets riding bicycles with baguettes in their wicker bike basket under the Eiffel Tower spring to mind. While the clichés are all well and good (those Breton t-shirts are known as marinières for those who don’t speak fashion and, who doesn’t love a baguette?), if your French holiday daydream has you wrapped in … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Road trip USA in an old school bus

We’ve all seen the motivational posts on social media, but how many of us actually act on them? Toowoomba school friends Charlie Green, 24, Gerard Martin, 24, Lindsay Crawford, 24, Chris Crawford, 22, Matt McIver, 24 and their uni friend Olivia Murdoch, 21,  did. After a season working as lift operators at Mount Norquay in Banff for a ski season and inspired by the website … Continue reading

Lay-by your end-of-year vacay

It’s that time of year when the temps are decidedly frosty, the days are shorter and you get up in the darkness and head back home in the dark too. That’s if the sun decides to peek out during the day at all. Bored, ‘cos you’ve spent all your money at the stocktake sales, you turn to the interwebs to cheer yourself up only to … Continue reading