Top tours to take in the USA


The USA is a wonderful blend of cultures, from the deep-south to the Wild West, there’s mind-blowing scenery you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The trouble with the US is knowing where to start and what to see, because it’s all so damn exciting! We’ve got the low-down on some of the best tours and destinations that will serve you up a good … Continue reading

All you need to know about the Calgary Stampede

Yeehaw cowboys and cowgals, it’s summertime in Calgary and that means just one thing… Stampede time is upon us! Don your cowboy hat, Wrangler jeans and boots, because the rodeo is town and you’re in for one wild ride. We have so many great western pieces in stock just in time for the Calgary Stampede! Get your outfits ready by dropping by the shop or … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Eleni Laskaris Gap Year as a Summer Camp Counselor in Maine

Read all about the high with very little lows of being a Summer Camp counselor in the USA. While Eleni doesn’t specifically mention eating s’mores and ‘kumbaya’ sing-alongs by the campfire, we’re going to assume they’re a given! What attracted you to the USA for a Gap Year as opposed to the more traditional UK options? I always wanted to be a camp counselor, I … Continue reading

Why winter in Europe is a winner

Europe in winter…. It’s cold and dark, for months and months. But it’s not all doom and gloom, those Europeans certainly know how to have fun to pass the time through the winter months. Here’s some of the things we’re loving most about the European winter, and good reasons why you should pay it a visit. The Christmas Markets The enduring charm of Europe’s Christmas … Continue reading

Melbourne welcomes St Jerome’s – The Hotel

Glamping in the middle of the city? Imagine waking up in centre of Melbourne city inside your own luxury teepee on a rooftop above Little Londsdale street… Dreams are now a reality, because the ultimate hipster-hotel has just landed in Melbourne. St Jerome’s – The Hotel offers ‘alternative accommodation with a charming soul’. Yep, it’s an urban jungle out there, and you can get amongst … Continue reading

Your first time with a ski instructor

Don’t let not knowing how to ski or snowboard stop you from hitting the slopes with your mates in Australia this winter. We’ve reached out to our new favourite instructors from some of the country’s best ski resorts for some hot pointers for first-timers on skis and boards. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it. It’s for your holiday after all … Continue reading

10 days in the USA with Jake Richardson

Last month, we let Jake Richardson (you might have seen him on Big Brother last year) and his buddy Ryan Kennedy loose in the USA for 10 days. The boys hit up LA, Las Vegas, Miami and NYC to meet the locals, eat, drink and enjoy the United States’ larger-than-life ethos – rollerblading in Miami included. We caught up with Jake to hear his side … Continue reading

A Hipster Guide to New Zealand’s South Island

Wellington may be hailed as New Zealand‘s hipster capital, but I found my fair share of man buns, craft brews and trendy pop-ups at the southern end of the country. Oh yes, the too-cool-for-school force is strong in this island. Blazing through the South Island countryside, stopping for an organic coffee or a cider that was freshly crushed just down the road, my inner hipster … Continue reading

Noosa in the winter

While Noosa is perennially sunny and its waters mysteriously perfect, there are a few chilly months in the year when only the bravest of locals dare dip their toes in the water. So, how do you spend the winter months still enjoying the best Noosa has to offer? From bushwalking the National Park to chilling out in hidden cafes with excellent coffee, enjoying comfort food, … Continue reading

10 days in the USA with Ryan Kennedy

Last month, we let Ryan Kennedy and his mate Jake Richardson loose in the USA. Both with a background in film and television, they certainly used their on and off camera charms to their advantage to coax a good time out of the USA. Not that they had to try too hard, when the land of the free and home of brave offered them up … Continue reading