How to pack for a NZ ski holiday

If it’s your first time skiing, you’re in for a big treat. From the buzz of feeling the fresh mountain air rushing past your face as you fly down the mountainside, to the jaw-dropping mountain views, you’ll soon get hooked on the white stuff. But before you hit the slopes make sure you’re prepped for the trip and you’ll have a much more comfortable first … Continue reading

Could NZ be the best country on the planet?

Stop everything you’re doing. The Brits are onto something. For four years in a row now, New Zealand has come out on top as their fave country as voted in the UK’s Telegraph Travel Awards. Let me repeat that: four years! Here’s our guess as to why and 18 reasons to jump on the NZ-train and GO! It’s a 100% #nofilter zone Legit. The natural scenery is so RIDIC … Continue reading

5 Reasons why Amsterdam is even crazier on King’s Day

Amsterdam’s King’s Day carnival sees more than a million people hit the streets in orange for one of the world’s biggest street parties. In the name of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on 27 April, here are 5 reasons why Amsterdam is even crazier on King’s Day. A photo posted by Sean in Shorts (@seaninshorts) on Apr 26, 2016 at 2:46pm PDT 1. It’s a frites for all … Continue reading

5 Turkey holiday ideas for Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a time to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service. To commemorate the Anzacs, more and more Australians are making the pilgrimage to Turkey on April 25, the day allied troops landed in Gallipoli back in 1915. From where to go on Anzac Day to what else to do while you’re in this amazing country, here are five holiday … Continue reading

19 types of ‘bad neighbours’ you might meet travelling

Personal space invaders. Tiny-bladder-window-seaters. Selfie sensationalists. You never know who you might find on either side of you while you’re out roaming the globe. When it’s a bad neighbour you’ve got yourself, you just can’t help but notice their bad habits, weird quirks or – gulp – bad breath. Here’s the worst of the lot you may (fingers crossed not) encounter. Personal space invaders via … Continue reading

The dos and don’ts of Anzac Day

Anzac Day is deeply embedded in Australian culture and tradition, so much that it’s an annual public holiday. It is a day where we give thanks to fallen soldiers who fought at Gallipoli in the First World War, and also for all Australian soldiers killed during active service. Celebrated on 25 April every year in Australia and New Zealand since 1916, it’s a significant day where we pause to reflect, … Continue reading

Perfect Palawan, the ‘world’s most beautiful island’

The Philippines is kind of like that kid in school you never really noticed until all of sudden someone pointed out that they are actually kind of hot…next thing you know, everyone’s falling over themselves to be them or be with them. As this stunning collection of islands in our little corner of the globe creeps its way up in the popularity stakes amongst travellers, … Continue reading

A film fan’s guide to Hawaii

Ever watched a movie and decided you absolutely must visit the place it’s filmed because it looks so incredible? Hawaii is totally one of those places that inspires this type of wanderlust. It’s all so appealing, from the epic surf breaks to lush green forests, and of course the laid-back Hawaiian culture and sunshine. Here’s some of the best Hawaiian escapism movies, and where to head to if you want … Continue reading

@polkadotpassport recaps her fave Gold Coast adventures

We recently sent the constantly wandering photographer and blogger Nicola (@polkadotpassport) to the Gold Coast to seek out the best haunts and local adventures. Quirky eats were had, the beaches proved as faultless as the pics and one massive heart-shaped leap induced an extra few beats without doubt. Here’s what Nicola had to say about the experience and some tips for all you chill-sun-seeking AND adventure-lovers out there. What makes … Continue reading

Roadtripping in New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is one of the most rewarding places to take a road-trip. Firstly, it’s super small and easily do-able in a short amount of time (especially if you’re only sticking to one island), and secondly because the scenery is jaw-dropping and you’ll feel like you’re driving through postcard scenery most the time! So grab your camera, hop across the ditch, and hire yourself a car or van and … Continue reading