Top 5 Aussie experiences to have overseas

Maybe you’re on a gap year – working overseas? Or maybe you’re travelling around Europe or the USA in January? If you find yourself away from home this Australia Day, there’s plenty of top Aussie experiences you can have overseas, so gather your mates and stream the Triple J Hottest 100 in these Aussie-fied locations.   Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey All Australians know the story … Continue reading

Top 10 free travel apps for 2015

Forget bulky guidebooks and looking like a tourist with street maps, your smartphone has all the tools you need for travel. While GoogleMaps and weather apps are a given, and you’ve probably got your fave social media apps and messenger services set up to keep in touch while you’re away, here’s our top 10 free travel apps for 2015 to keep your trip stress-free.   … Continue reading

A hipster guide to Las Vegas

If mainstream Vegas is all a bit glam and phoney for your tastes, get off the beaten track and you’ll discover a more authentic side to Sin City. Our hipster guide to Las Vegas will take you far from the infamous concrete jungle of casinos and amusement parks to the best hangouts in town.     Get off The Strip! Once a no-go zone for … Continue reading

Time travel around the world

If you’re reading this hoping that a time machine has finally been invented, we’re sorry to disappoint. But unless Doc has got the DeLorean working again, we’re probably not going “Back to the Future” anytime soon (Fun fact: It’s the 30th anniversary of the first Back to the Future flick this year with a parade in Las Vegas on May 15). If you do want … Continue reading

The 5 best airports to sleep in

Let’s face it. No one wants to spend valuable drinking money on an airport hotel, but when you’re midway through a long cramped voyage, you’d do just about anything to stretch out and sleep. If you’ve got a long layover between flights and you want to catch a bit of shut-eye, these are the 5 best airports to sleep in around the world. You’re welcome. … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Cynthia Tan on volunteering in Laos

To bridge the gap between high school and university, Cynthia Tan embarked on a month-long trip to Laos, volunteering and trekking around the Laos-Northern Thailand area. She schools us on the ins and outs of teaching English to the local kids, helping with building work in the community and even learning to cook. Here’s her take on her Laos volunteering experience.     What inspired you … Continue reading

5 must-do things in Byron Bay

Summertime is made for Byron Bay. The morning sun glints off the surf rolling into Main Beach, the cooler mornings are the best time to walk/run/bike up to Cape Byron Lighthouse, and once the town wakes up, it seems an United Nations of travellers and locals are out and about in the streets, on the beaches, and perched on chairs at the bars, cafes and … Continue reading

A shopper’s guide to Bangkok

If shopping’s your thing, Bangkok certainly won’t disappoint. From bustling local markets that will stimulate the senses, modern department stores filled with bargains, and impressive high-end fashion, Bangkok’s a shopper’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Thai experience, or you’re out to grab a bargain, our guide of where to shop has you covered. And if you need a top hotel to stash your … Continue reading

What’s trending in travel in 2015

While London, LA and NYC were tops for Student Flights travellers in 2014 and the adventurous ventured to Vietnam, India, Nepal and Peru, those with wanderlust in their souls and itchy soles will already be dreaming about their next overseas trip, especially if you are already back at work or study #procrastiplanning. If your New Year’s resolution was to travel more and experience the world, … Continue reading

Travel Confessions: Busabout Asia tour guide Isobel Needham

Self-confessed full-time raconteur, part-time fibber and newly minted Busabout Asia tour guide Isobel Needham subjects herself to a grilling about the new Southeast Asia adventures, hop-on/hop-off trips and island-hopping tours available with Busabout in 2015 to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar plus the nitty gritty on where to eat, party and stay in Asia.     How many countries have you travelled to? I think … Continue reading