Krewes to boos of Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Masked revelers, gaudy floats, glamorous balls and thousands of partakers frolicking in hedonistic chaos vying for strings of beads and good times. Mardi Gras is kicking off in New Orleans’ right now. While revelers indulge let’s celebrate with them by taking a look at a few contributing factors to why Mardi Gras has been hailed as one of America’s greatest parties for over a century. … Continue reading

Eat your way around Asia in 8 dumplings

Today marks Chinese New Year, a centuries-old festival that celebrates the turn of the traditional Chinese calendar, as well as being a time to honour deities and ancestors. The New Year festival is celebrated all over the world, with the biggest festivals going down in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. For those of you who aren’t too versed in Chinese … Continue reading

All-time best Super Bowl commercials

With the Super Bowl 50 kick off happening this Sunday 7 February (Mon 8 February in our time zone), we thought we’d round up some the best, most infamous commercials over the past 50 years of NFL in the USA, on this illustrious golden anniversary of the sporting tradition. But what’s Super Bowl really famous for, if not for football? If not for the nip-slips celeb guest … Continue reading

Unexpected Hong Kong: 6 Surprising Highlights

Hong Kong is the Manhattan of Asia. There’s the similarity of a high-rise-packed skyline, sure, but the parallels run much deeper. Diverse cultural pockets, inner-city precincts bursting with personality, highlights in the most unexpected places and the food, oh the food… If you’ve ever fallen in love with big cities like New York, Tokyo and Berlin, your next date should be with Hong Kong, but … Continue reading

Contiki’s Top 5 tours in the USA

Everything’s bigger, better and bolder in the good old USA, so save yourself time and hassle by hopping on board a tour with one of the most fun and friendly tour groups around. If you’re up for some serious fun stateside, here are some of Contiki’s best trips… Southern Adventure Got a hankering to see the big south? This grand tour takes you through 11 … Continue reading

Reads to get you US road trip ready

An epic road trip of any kind is one of those must-dos for any traveler. There is nothing more freeing than giving the finger to the norm, and taking off on an epic adventure over kilometres of untamed landscape. With its varying topography, the United States is one of the best and most renowned places on earth to enjoy a road trip holiday. Think Route … Continue reading

Dive more than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Think diving in Australia and, likely many people who come to dive here from across the world, the first place that comes to mind is the Great Barrier Reef. And who could blame you. With 2,900 reefs, 600 continental islands and 300 coral cays, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest and healthiest coral reef system. Hello colourful garden corals, dwarf minke whales, giant … Continue reading

Why I love my hometown, Paris

Anne Ditmeyer, graphic designer and design*sponge contributing editor, lives and works in Paris. (It’s the dream.) She records tales of travel adventure as well as the charms of everyday life in her excellent blog Pret a Voyager. Here’s her take on her home city, including tips for travellers. Local breakfast spot: Any local boulangerie. If I’m venturing out, I head to rue des Martyrs. Chouquettes, croissant … Continue reading

Photo journal: The world through my fingers

We’re happy to present this creative and inspiring photo essay from journalist and internet entrepreneur Rafat Ali. He spent more than a year globetrotting, searching for isolated places off the beaten path. This series highlights images taken through a particular frame of reference: his fingers. Enjoy.   For the latest deals on travel, browse our great range of offers online or visit your local Student Flights. … Continue reading

A whole new world: cruising with Caleb

The ultimate goal of any holiday is to be able to switch off completely, to turn off the laptop and mobile phone, to unwind and enjoy relaxation time with loved ones, and to not have to think at all. It’s the ease of cruising that has made it an increasingly popular in recent years. Cruises are a fantastic way to have a ‘cruisey’ (pardon the … Continue reading