Stockholm’s SoFo: A NY-inspired hipsterland

Stockholm is a highly trend-sensitive city and no neighbourhood in the Swedish capital reflects that with more intensity than SoFo. Located in the heart of the progressive Sodermalm district, SoFo checks all the boxes for a proper hipster neighbourhood: vintage fashion boutiques, art galleries, tattoo parlors, organic food markets and coffee shops that let you know how deeply they care about their beans and roasting … Continue reading

From Bilbao to La Rioja: cycling Spain

In July Student Flights’ consultant Duayne Christou embarked on a solo cycling tour through Spain’s Basque Country. Starting in Bilbao and heading down to the famous La Rioja wine region, then onto run with the bulls in Pamplona. Check out his epic journey below… How many kilometres did you cycle? VS how many bottles of wine consumed? My GPS clocked over to 600km coming into Bilbao. … Continue reading

A boozy tour of Brooklyn’s best cocktail bars

My favorite local bars have the same qualities as the distilleries and wineries that I work with. They’re small, thoughtful in execution, unfussy, focused on quality ingredients, representative of their neighbourhoods, and full of friendly folks. In other words, they’re bars run by people, not by companies. Williamsburg Because intra-borough travel is difficult (thanks MTA!) I don’t get up to Williamsburg as much as I … Continue reading

In defence of the backpacker

I can understand why backpackers aren’t much liked. It’s the self-congratulation and the implied superiority. It’s the suspicion that, for many, a backpacking trip is little more than a prolonged jolly masquerading as a deep life-altering journey. Garnished as it so often is by the banal vocabulary of self-discovery, long-term travel can come across as a bit of a sham. Last month gave us a … Continue reading

Roman Holiday: must-dos for Rome in the summer

When you visit Rome in the summer the rising temperatures perfectly complement the hot and heady temperament of the Romans, and you’ll really experience this ancient city in all its glory. From the famous historic sites, the indulgent Italian gastronomy, and the amazing fashion, summertime in Rome is a treat for the senses. Here’s some of the quintessential Roman summertime experiences you can look forward … Continue reading

Do the time warp in Havana, Cuba

A place like nowhere else; be prepared to enter into the twilight (aka no internet) zone that is Cuba. This means doing your research before jet setting and carrying a notebook of addresses, tips and to-do-lists. You know, like people used to travel, pre-2005. Contrary to recent hype, although the American Embassy did just re-open for the first time in over 50 years, it’s still … Continue reading

Austria’s nonsense museum spreads comic relief

From a transparent suitcase for nudists to automatic nose pickers – Austria’s museum of nonsense and its vast collection of silly yet brilliant inventions are proof that bad ideas, if carried out well, can turn into genius creations. The so-called Nonseum – which claims to be the only one of its kind in the world – has developed a cult following among fans of the absurd. … Continue reading

Greece’s best drinking spots

Greece is my favourite place to visit. I’ve been there a dozen times and will use any excuse to return. The beaches are pristine and the food beautiful in its simplicity. But If you watch television or read the news, travelling to Greece seems like a pretty bad idea. Riots. Cashless ATMs. One news service even predicted a shortage of feta. Wrong. I recently travelled … Continue reading

Girl’s guide to Beverly Hills

If ever a city was ready for its close-up, it’s LA’s Beverly Hills, home to the fanciest shops, iciest martinis and, yes, the hotel from Pretty Woman. All the travelling ladies out there, we’ve got the lowdown on what might make your Beverly Hills experience more memorable for all the right reasons. Stay This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman, so if you ‘want … Continue reading

12 bars worth the hangover

The great thing about boozing while travelling is being able to blame your hangover on jet lag the next day. With that in mind, we compiled a list of our favourite bars in our favourite destinations right now. Special thanks to Fathom contributors and venerable drinking buddies Katie Parla, Cyrena Lee, Arlene Gibbs, Erica Firpo, Kate Donnelly and Stephanie March for their dedicated – and spirited! … Continue reading