All-time best Super Bowl commercials

Published February 5th, 2016

With the Super Bowl 50 kick off happening this Sunday 7 February (Mon 8 February in our time zone), we thought we’d round up some the best, most infamous commercials over the past 50 years of NFL in the USA, on this illustrious golden anniversary of the sporting tradition.

But what’s Super Bowl really famous for, if not for football? If not for the nip-slips celeb guest appearances? The commercials – that’s what. The exorbitant prime-time ad time where brands have two minutes or less to win hearts, spike interest, blow minds and/or make smile or uncontrollably laugh.  It’s a big feat, and here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials, ever.


Cindy Crawford for Pepsi (1992)


The Force: Volkswagen Commercial (2011)


ETrade waste $2 Million on Super Bowl Ad (2000)


The first of the Terry Tate: Office Linebacker series (2003)


Snickers and Betty White (2010)


Old Spice “I’m on a Horse” (2010) *cleverly aired online during the Superbowl and went viral.


Bird vs. Jordan McDonald’s ad (1993)


Go Daddy “Perfect Match” (2013)


Budweiser WHASSUP (1999)

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