Airports Guide

It’s a fact of flying that you will spend some time in airports, whether you are boarding a flight, waiting for a connection, or disembarking after an epic adventure across the globe. From domestic flights and day trips to round-the-world trips and long-haul flights, doing your research about your first port of call – the airport – will mean the difference between a transit from hell or a heavenly stopover. 

From rustic shacks with one runway to slick, state-of-the-art terminals that service millions of passengers a year, not all airports are created equally. Our Airport Guide lets you know where to eat and shop, whether there are shower amenities to freshen up after a long flight, if there’s a spot to watch planes take off and land, and what other diversions are available onsite to pass the time while you wait for a connecting flight at both domestic airports and major aviation hubs around the world.

We’ve also done the legwork so you’ll know how to get from terminal to terminal to make your flight and get around the airport with ease, and also how to get into town quickly and cheaply with public transport or private transfers, no matter what time you disembark and clear customs. From movie theatres and butterfly gardens to capsule pods to snooze in and restaurants created by celeb chefs, you’ll be amazed by the amenities available at airports around the world.