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Why Work For Student Flights?

We Love Travel

Want to talk about travel all day everyday? Have access to the best insider deals & fares?
Have the ability to go on FREE trips with our best suppliers AND have access to the best youth product & exclusive airfares for under 30s? 

Well my friend, you have come to the right place.

We Are Flexible

Still a few destinations on the old bucket list that you haven't quite ticked off? We thought so. So why not  make the most of our UNLIMITED ANNUAL LEAVE and get travelling!

Or get out of the office and WORK WHILE YOU TRAVEL - reply to those emails from the sunny beaches of Greece!

Or please, at the very least make the most of our FLEXI TIME options because who always wants to do the standard 9-5?!

We Care About Our People

Providing you with FULL industry training through our world renowned sales training & induction process.

Giving you ongoing supporting through our dedicated learning & support centre to help you every step of the way.

Providing FREE health and financial planning services to assist you in both your personal and professional life! #livinyourbestlife 

We Believe In Reward & Recognition

Come and see for yourself at one of our monthly awards nights or yearly conferences! Or up the anti and qualify for our annual GLOBAL GATHERING. How about a free trip to vegas babyy?

We offer HUGE earning potential (sell the travel to make the money!) with uncapped commission.

AND by locating all of our stores in the very very best youth precincts, in key selling locations, you are always in the right place at the right time in front of the right customers! So put your money where your mouth is and get selling!

Oh and travel benefits? Wait, I think we already mentioned that one..

We Care About Your Career Development

Have access to our extensive global career network and all opportunities that come with it!

Propel your career to the next step with our ongoing development and leadership training and courses. Or have one on one access to some of the most successful people in our global company with our mentorship opportunities.

Just finished studying? Look in to our graduate program to help you take the next steps! Or become an industry professional through our own dedicated and renowned travel academy.

We Believe In Purpose Beyond Profit

Support the charities you love through our volunteer leave program or take part in our FCTG frequent givers program.

Trust in our suppliers and partners as we are committed to only promoting and selling travel that respect human rights, the environment, and social equality.

We are also apart of the United Nations Travel Charter and are commitment to mindful travel and the importance of educating our customers to do so too.