Jetstar Birthday Sale

Let’s do it, let’s fly Jetstar! Never gets old and nor does travelling with this budget carrier. Jetstar boasts 4,000-plus flights a week to more than 60 destinations in 17 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region. The budget airline touches down in all Australian capital cities and regional centres from Cairns up north and Launceston down south. From Australia, Jetstar will take you to our region’s best-loved destinations including Bali, Singapore, Nadi and Tokyo.

Low costs mean no frills but think of it as only paying for what you need. Pay more for extras like business seats, checked-in luggage, seat selection and in-flight food, drinks and entertainment only if you want them. A hot tip from us – save more on long haul flights by pre-purchasing in-flight items.

You’re already getting a great flight deal with Jetstar, but as we’re pals with ‘em we get extra special Jetstar sales and Jetstar cheap flights from time to time. Watch this space for Jetstar deals.

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