Africa Transport Guide

With such varied terrain and countries in such a massive landmass there’s plenty of ways to criss-cross the continent including riverboats and ferries along the Nile, Congo, Senegal, Zambezi and Gambia Rivers as well as across Lakes Nasser, Volta, Malawi and Victoria. Other scenic and unusual ways to travel around Africa include by camel in the Sahara desert, dhow or felucca along the Nile or from Tanzania to Mozambique, and by overland truck tour around East and Southern Africa.

How to get around Mauritius

 Travelling by car or motorbike is the easiest and most flexible way to get around especially to remote areas, while train travel also offers great views of the sweeping scenery. If you are short on time, or short on patience, consider flights to major destinations in Africa to cut down on the travel time. Public transport-wise, buses and minibuses are a given throughout Africa to get from A to B in the cities and on air-conditioned coaches for long-haul travel. Shared taxis and ‘bush’ taxis also make for an interesting ride.