Asia Currency Guide


Asia uses a variety of country-specific currencies:

Country Currency
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Taka
Bhutan Bhutanese Ngultrum
Brunei Brunei Dollar
Cambodia Cambodian Riel
China      Chinese Renminbi (Yuan)
East Timor East Timor Centavo/US Dollar
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar
India Indian Rupee
Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah
Japan Japanese Yen
Laos Lao Kip
Macau   Macanese Pataca
Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit
Maldives Maldivian Rufiyaa
Mongolia Mongolian Tögrög
Myanmar (Burma) Burmese Kyat
Nepal     Nepalese Rupee
North Korea North Korean Won
Pakistan Pakistani  Rupee
Philippines Philippine Peso
Singapore Singapore Dollar
South Korea South Korean Won
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Rupee
Taiwan   New Taiwan Dollar
Thailand Thai Baht
Tibet       Chinese Renminbi (Yuan)
Vietnam Vietnamese Dong


ATM facilities can be found throughout the major cities in Asia, but are less common in smaller towns, villages and the countryside. If you plan on withdrawing money or using your credit card while travelling through Asia, don’t forget to notify your bank before you go for security purposes and check what international withdrawal fees may apply to your card.


Before you travel it is important to convert some of your Australian Dollars into the local currency to have with you when you arrive. Brunei Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollars, Indian Rupees, Indonesian Rupiah, North Korean and South Korean Won, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Pesos, Singapore Dollars, New Taiwan Dollars and Thai Baht are all available to pre-purchase from Travel Money Oz before you fly.

Travel Card

If you'd like the security that a credit card offers while travelling without the risk of racking up debt, consider purchasing a pre-paid cash travel card.  Cash Passports allow you to load your money in the form of Japanese Yen onto the card. Your money can then be accessed at various ATMS and used wherever MasterCard is accepted. The card has both a security pin and signature required for safe spending.