Asia Transport Guide

 From tuk-tuks and rickshaws to award-winning airlines and the world’s longest covered outdoor escalator (hello Hong Kong!), there’s no end to the ways you can criss-cross the countries or get from A to B in the cities and resort towns of Asia.  From the mildly comical sight of entire families perched on a scooter in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam, to the highly efficient Bullet Train in Japan, it’s your choice how you choose to get around.

How to get around Asia

The most efficient way to travel from country to country is by air with plenty of budget airlines and cheap flights available across Asia. Most countries also have extensive rail networks, which is ideal for covering vast distances in places like India and China. Traffic in the mega cities can be quite chaotic and downright dangerous for foreigners, but a hire car can be a good option to visit some remote areas where public transport is scant or unreliable, or consider hiring a driver for a day. For a scenic journey,  a boat cruise down the Mekong River, a jaunt from Singapore to Bangkok on the ultra-luxe Orient Express or the world’s highest railway from Lhasa in Tibet to Xining in China, or a bicycle tour through Cambodia, Thailand, Bali or Taiwan makes for a unique and memorable vacay.