Here are the best ways to get around Bali:

Hire Car

Having your own transport in Bali is a definite plus. It means you can really explore the island and reach places off the beaten track. We suggest hiring a car or bike for just part of your trip, it’s good to have one when navigating the south or in Ubud. Just make sure you hold a valid drivers or motorcycle licence. Arranging car hire locally is usually cheaper. A jeep costs about 150,000 Rupiah (around AU$15) per day with unlimited kilometres – but you’ll want to have good insurance. To avoid drink-driving, fighting with loved ones during navigational tiffs or GPS-rage, consider hiring a driver to take you and your besties around Bali. It’s a nice gesture to buy your driver a meal if they’re taking you on an all-day round trip, or budget for a tip.


Metered taxis are widespread in South Bali and Denpasar, but not in Ubud. They’re very handy for getting around the popular areas of Kuta and Seminyak, and are easy to hail. Expect to pay around 5000 Rupiah (around 50c) flag fall and then 4000 Rupiah (40c) per kilometre, however this rate increases in the evening. Calling for a taxi will incur a minimum charge of 10,000 Rupiah ($1). If a driver claims their meter doesn’t work, don’t jump in - wait for another taxi to come along.


A ‘bemo’ is the main form of public transport in Bali. A bemo is pretty much anything with wheels, but is commonly a minibus or van. While it can be part of your Bali adventure, not many people opt for the bemo mode of transport as it can lengthy and inconvenient. There are public buses too, which can be more direct than a bemo, but are equally as unreliable. Tourist or shuttle buses are also available; however these are more suitable for budget and mid-range traveller. Still, if you’re travelling around Bali in a group it might be cheaper to just charter a whole vehicle.


There are various tours and packages for taking a boat tour or cruise around Bali’s bays and reefs including Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida. You can also hire a boat to take you to neighbouring Lombok and explore the Gili Islands.

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