Belfast Weather Guide

The weather in Belfast is much like the rest of the UK in that, for the most part, it’s windy, cloudy and rainy; and, if you’re lucky, all at once! Wintertime temperatures tend to stay on the right side of freezing so snow rarely settles. There’s no reason to worry about bad weather, however, as the city hums with cosy cottage-like pubs that invite patrons in for warming drink and food. Summertime in Belfast is pleasant and by far the most comfortable season to visit the city.

Season and Clothing

Winter: November to March

The winter weather in Belfast is generally cold and requires lots of warm layers in order to get out and explore the city. There are many places in the city to stop and warm up, favourite venues being traditional Irish pubs that serve up a hearty meal. Clear, frosty days are just as frequent as damp dark days during this season; however the temperature usually stays above the freezing mark quickly melting any snow that settles. Winter markets spring to life during this season and sell wonderful festive goodies as well as portside memorabilia.

Average temperatures:  2 - 15 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Winter clothing including a waterproof coat, thick jumper and sturdy shoes.
Don't forget: Hat, gloves and an umbrella.

Spring: April to May

Spring sees Belfast experience higher temperatures and proves to be a rather popular time of year in terms of visitor numbers. During this time of year, rain and the odd gust of wind are common, as well as bursts of sunshine followed by a passing shower. Springtime tourists also get the added bonus of witnessing the wonderful blossoms that light up the city with a natural palette of colour. Head over to the Botanic Gardens in the city centre for a magical display of nature along the peaceful Lagan River.

Average temperatures:  6 - 18 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Warm winter layers including a warm coat.
Don't forget: An umbrella and sunnies as the sun can be low and glaring.

Summer: June to August

Summer is a pleasant time of year to visit Belfast as festivals and street events are an almost weekly occurrence. The most popular is the superstar- laden music festival of Belsonic. The event occurs annually over a massive 2-week period incorporating the August bank holiday, which further boosts the crowds. Temps in the city are never anything to worry about as it will be rarely too hot or too cold to do anything that takes your fancy. Daily temperatures linger in the high teens; however it is advisable to have a jacket on hand if you’re planning to stay out past sundown.

Average temperatures:  12 - 26 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Light casual layers, jeans and a jacket for night-time.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

Autumn: September to October

Autumn in Belfast is much like the weather seen in spring, however, as the season progresses temperatures drop and weather become more erratic. As a result, most people opt to head to Belfast in spring rather than autumn. The autumn season does have its advantages though, with the leaves changing colour and falling. While it is pretty, the accompanying wind and wet weather can often dampen your outdoor sightseeing plans, so it’s a great time to head indoors and check out the museums and galleries.

Average temperatures:  6 - 22 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Warm layers and a waterproof coat.
Don't forget: An umbrella.