Belgrade is popular and quirky. Quirk is everything now. Belgrade revels in its eccentricities by combining trendy nouveau masterpieces with a thumping nightlife and a dose of history. Want to know more about the Serbian capital? Read on.

Visa Requirements

Australian passport holders do not require a visa if your Serbia holiday doesn’t exceed 90 days. Be aware Serbian officials will not allow travellers to cross the border from Kosovo to Serbia, if you did not enter Kosovo from Serbia first. Foreigners are required to register an address of temporary residence within 24 hours of touching down. Please be aware this information is only a guideline. For updated information, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the ACT.


The official currency is the Serbian Dinar. Hotels may also quote in Euros and many businesses prefer Euros too. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar, Serbian Dinar and the Euro can change dramatically; start tracking exchange fluctuations now in order to get the best conversion rate before your trip.


Meat eaters dominate the gastronomy of Belgrade. Try teleći šumadijski kotlet, a veal cutlet served with tomatoes, bacon, sour cream, rice, cheese and potatoes and chilli. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, go for the punjene tikvice, stuffed zucchini filled with rice, tomatoes, herbs and more minced meat. No spicy surprises and still ridiculously delicious.
Are you a vegetarian in Belgrade? Radost Fina Kuhingjica has simple dishes to delight your herb-loving taste buds with fresh ingredients, tried-and-tested recipes (think veggie burgers and dip trios), and a relaxed vibe that makes this spot a winner in a city of carnivores.


Nightlife is Belgrade doesn’t mean what you think it means. The restaurants and chilled-out cocktail lounges are only the beginning of a long, unforgettable night – remember, Belgrade is open almost 24/7. Budgeting travellers will be easily charmed as the party scene in Belgrade is dirt cheap - nightclubs can be structured and walled-in, pop-up DJ booths in stairwells, seasonal party barges or makeshift dancefloors in hidden corners of the Belgrade Fortress. Belgrade is the ‘it-girl’ of the former Yugoslavia as Croatians, Slovenians and Bulgarians flood the city every week, looking for the hottest atmosphere at the lowest price. 

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