Brasilia Weather Guide

Located in the central highlands of Brazil, the capital experiences a tropical savannah climate where the average temperatures varying little throughout the year. The humidity of the city has the most influence over the weather with the majority of rainfall taking place between October and April.

Season and Clothing

Summer: December to February

Summer in Brasília is characterised by sunshine and a heavy rain shower or two. The wet summer season sees a continuation of mostly warm conditions however temps in the high-30s have been known to occur. Summer also coincides with the tourist high season in Brazil as well as the month-long pre-Lenten celebrations of Carnival, which is held in February. To cool off during the heat, head to the Ecological Park lake or the natural water pools at Brasília National Park.

Average temperatures: 18 – 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, thongs and dresses.
Don’t forget: An umbrella or raincoat.

Autumn: March to May

Rainfall is still quite high in March and April but May, as the start of the dry season, has little to no rain. Temps are still steady and warm throughout the day with slightly cooler nights. Autumn is the best time to visit Brasília when the skies are clear and blue and the weather is still warm and pleasant making it easy to wander around and check out the amazing architectural structures of the city, as well as the manmade natural wonder of Paranoá Lake.

Average temperatures: 15 – 27 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, jeans, shorts and dresses
Don’t forget: A hoodie and good walking shoes.

Winter: June to August

Brasília’s winter is warm and dry, however temps around 1 degree Celsius have been known to occur during this season. June and July are the coldest and driest months with little rainfall and cool nights. Humidity can still be around 50 percent in the morning, but falls by midday. Winter is also a great time to visit, but be aware that Brasilia is a host city for the FIFA World Cup in June and July in 2014. Porão do Rock (PDR), the country’s biggest music festival, is also on in August.

Average temperatures: 13 – 27 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering – jeans, pants, tops and jumpers
Don’t forget: Water and lip balm

Spring: September to November

Coming out of the dry season, September is considered one of the hottest months on average in Brasília with plenty of sunshine but only a small amount of rain. October is the start of the wet season with increased rainfall that revives the dry vegetation from the winter months and brings out the blooms. Don’t miss the Independence Day Parade on September 7, as well as the annual Festival de Cinema Brasileiro screening mainstream and independent flicks in October or November.

Average temperatures: 16 – 28 degrees Celsius
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, jeans, shorts and dresses
Don’t forget: A lightweight jacket.