Brazil Transport Guide

Brazil has the largest road network in South America so if you want to visit a few scenic areas, car hire is a good option or even flying between cities. For travel within the country, the main public transport option is long-distance bus or boats around the Amazonia and Pantanal areas.

How to get around Brazil

For long-distance travel, buses are the primary form of transport for both locals and visitors in Brazil. Services and road conditions vary between regions but the buses are generally clean and comfortable with air-con and excellent links between the major cities. Due to the vast area of Brazil, air travel can also be an affordable option, especially if you plan to visit a few cities. Consider purchasing a Brazil Airpass for multiple flights, which can work out around the same as a long-distance bus ticket. Boats of all shapes and sizes are the scenic and only way to get around the waterways of the Amazon and Pantanal. Within the main cities of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, bus routes are extensive with frequent services. Rio and Sao Paulo also have excellent metro systems as well as metered taxi services, although in smaller cities you may have to negotiate a fixed price with your cab driver.