Broome Weather Guide

Broome has a semi-arid climate and, like most parts of the Australian tropics, it has 2 seasons: dry and wet with temps in the low- to mid-30s. The dry season has very clear days, while the wet season has rather erratic tropical downpours and high humidity. Tropical cyclones and thunderstorms are not uncommon during the wet season and in the cooler months, while frost is unheard of, temperatures have been known to drop as low as 3 degrees Celsius.

Season and Clothing

Wet Season: October to April

Hot days are followed by summer thunderstorms. Between January and March, you might run into some monsoonal weather and possible cyclones, but definitely expect lots of rain. Jellyfish are found in the waters off the Broome coast during the wet season; however several beaches north of Broome are safe for swimming, but avoid dipping your toe in the water at Cable Beach. The Broome Mango Festival sends the town troppo over the last weekend in November every year. With sweet mango-loving events (including a bartender’s competition, mango cocktail parties and a mango quiz night), mango jams and chutneys are found in droves at the markets.

Average temperatures: 26 – 32 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts, lightweight clothes.
Don’t forget: A hat, SPF 50+ sunscreen, umbrella and raincoat.

Dry Season: May to September

The dry season equals warm days, balmy nights and clear blue skies all day, every day. Southerners head north to Broome to escape the winter and overseas tourists come to soak up the sun and the surf, minus the experience of being stung by the jellyfish. Each September, the Shinju Matsuri ‘Festival of the Pearl’ premier arts, cultural and community event takes place in Broome on the full moon as it has every September since 1970.

Average temperatures: 20 – 30 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts, clothes for layering.
Don’t forget: A hat, SPF 50+ sunscreen and a light jacket for possible crisp mornings.