Brussels Transport Guide

Public Transport in Brussels is ace. You can move about the city quickly and safely without needing to drive and pay for parking. Inner-city transport options all use the same ticket system – so you can take a train, tram or bus on the one ticket.

How to get around Brussels

For public transport, the first thing you should do is purchase a ‘jump’ ticket. This ticket allows you to travel on any inner-city transport for 1 hour from the time it’s validated. You can purchase 5-10 in one go if you fancy. You can also buy daily and monthly tickets. The Brussels Metro is the underground train system. It’s fast and you’ll only ever wait around 3 minutes to get a train. You can purchase tickets for this at GO Machines in Metro stations. Brussels also has a bicycle sharing system called Villo! You can ride these bikes on the road in Brussels; just make sure you’re cautious. An of course, there are plenty of taxis too.