Things to do in Buenos Aires

Like a walk down the aisle, a trip to Buenos Aires should encompass something old and something new. On one side, BA is a town of fascinating history. The pink Casa Rosada in Plaza De Mayo is a vibrant reminder of Argentina's past political parties, while the 7-storey Teatro Colón opera house, a grand example of the city's still flourishing music scene.

A walk through the downtown neighbourhood of Recoleta is the perfect place to step back in time to the 18th century, complete with historic monasteries, museums and the decadent Recoleta Cemetery where tourists flock to see the tomb of former Argentinean First Lady and 'Evita' subject, Eva Peron.

On the other side, Buenos Aires is a city that beams with all things shiny and new. You can see it in the vibrant colours and cafe culture of Caminito in La Boca, at the sleek restaurants that line the Puerto Madero riverfront and along the main shopping drag of Calle Florida. But for all its modern adaptations, Buenos Aires can't help but hold on to its beloved traditions. For every pumping nightclub there's a cheerful tango school, and for every designer boutique there's a weary flea market. Such is the charm of Buenos Aires. It's up to you to experience both sides.

Here's some of our must-see sights in Argentina's capital city:

La Boca

To see all the coloured houses within the Buenos Aires brochures, you need to go to La Boca - a local neighbourhood with a strong European flavour. La Boca is a great place to explore, particularly along the Caminito pedestrian street where arts and crafts are sold and cafes serve delicious local food.

Plaza De Mayo

Plaza De Mayo is Buenos Aires' main square and its hub of all things historic. The plaza's location, in the centre of the CBD, dates back to the 1810 revolution where the city's 25th of May scene of independence took place. 


Outside of the bustling city, Recoleta is a downtown neighbourhood beloved by tourists for its historic architecture. The important area is one of the most affluent barrios in Buenos Aires with real estate prices among some of the highest in the city.


If nightlife is what you seek, then Palermo is the place to be. Located northeast of the city, the Palermo barrio is a trendy Buenos Aires hotspot for shopping, dining and nightlife.

Casa Rosada

Replendent in pink, the Argentine Presidential Palace is better known as Casa Rosada for its distinctive rosy hue. Visit the eye-catching Buenos Aires attraction for all things Evita and historically significant.

Teatro Colón

The historic Buenos Aires opera house Teatro Colón is famous for its perfect acoustics and opulent interior. Nab standing-room only tickets for a concert, or do a behind-the-scenes tour of this stunning establishment.

San Telmo 

Take a leisurely stroll around the charming neighbourhood and Buenos Aires cultural hub of San Telmo to see tango parlours, cafes and antique shops amid art galleries, museums and barbecue hotspots.

Tierra Santa

Whether you know the Bible inside out or have never picked it up in your life, a visit to the world's first religious theme park of Tierra Santa is a must. The Buenos Aires attraction reenacts the life of Jesus, according to the Bible, with support from lifesize sculpture, rides and light shows. Really.

Reserva Ecólogica Constanera Sur 

With an abundance of  varied natural terrain that's home to over 250 different birdlife and a wealth of biodiversity, Reserva Ecólogica Constanera Sur is Buenos Aires' ecological reserve and a green oasis near the city.