Here are the best ways to get around Buenos Aires:


Buenos Aires has an extensive, cheap and complex bus system – invest in a bus guide sold at any newsstand. The trick is to navigate by finding the grid you’re in and the one you want to get to and match the bus number. Most routes run 24 hours. Local buses don’t take notes, so always carry small change.


Buenos Aires has a cheap light-rail system called Tranvia del Este, which has only 4 stops over a 2-kilometre stretch in Puerto Madero, however plans are in the works for an extension.


There are approximately 38,000 taxis in Buenos Aires, and they’re considered to be pretty cheap. Be aware - some cab drivers are known for being shady with change and taking longer routes in an effort to charge you more. Only take a taxi that has a licence number printed on the doors. A slightly more expensive but safer option is a remise – a private, booked car - and most hotels and restaurants will call one for you.

Car hire

It’s possible to hire a car from global companies as well as a range of local companies in Buenos Aires, however it’s easier and cheaper to arrange car rental at the airport. Driving in Buenos Aires can be pretty high stress, so, if possible, avoid getting a hire car unless you’re heading out of the city and have a clear idea of your route and directions.

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