Cairo Transport Guide

Unlike some African and Middle East destinations, that rely on private cars to get around, Cairo has a variety of public transport options available including buses, microbuses, trams, metro trains, taxis and river buses.

How to get around Cairo

The Cairo metro system is clean and efficient although limited to two lines serving with the two middle carriages reserved for women. Public buses are cheap and cover the entire city – look for the air-conditioned vehicles that prohibit standing for a more comfortable ride. The main bus and microbus stations are at Maydan Tahrir behind the Egyptian Museum. Trams in Greater Cairo are available in Heliopolis and Nasr City. Taxis are plentiful but rarely use meters so you’ll need to agree on a price before getting in, or opt for a metered cab. For a scenic view, river buses travel from Maspero on the corniche up to Old Cairo.