Introduction to Caribbean

Home to some of the world’s best tropical islands, the Caribbean sits right at the top of many a traveler’s ultimate beach getaway list. Choosing where to go in the Caribbean can be a tough call. Rest assured, from the endless white beaches and world-class marine life of the Bahamas to the legendary home of reggae and jerk chicken, Jamaica, there are unique experiences, fun and frivolity to be had across the region.

There are some 7,000 islands that make up the Caribbean, located in the Caribbean Sea south of the United States. Each varies in size and population, with some uninhabited, ranging from over 500 islands in the Bahamas to just two in the Dominican Republic. Millions of visitors flock to the Caribbean each year to soak up the sun, beaches, rum, grub and the colourful life and history of popular places including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and St Lucia.

Rich in history, diverse in culture and colourful by nature, the islands of the Caribbean share many of the same riches yet are each unique in so many ways. It hasn’t been all blue skies for the Caribbean, with territory wars shaking the islands from the 17th to 20th centuries. Many islands came under British control and in the 20th Century before starting to gain independence. In recent years, natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti have caused unrest.

A trip to the Caribbean still can mean endless white sandy beaches and turquoise waters; diving and snorkeling with dolphins, rays and colourful coral and fish; accommodation ranging from five-star resorts to cheap as chip hammock rentals in national parks; festivals complete with steel drums, dancing, reggae and all-night parties; a fusion of flavorful local and international cuisine; friendly local and centuries-old history; and island hopping to your heart’s content.

Enjoy the rich history, diverse cultures and tropical paradise backdrop of the Caribbean

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