Caribbean Weather Guide

The Caribbean is a year-round destination, but with a distinct high and low season owing to variations in the weather. Not sure when to go? First ask yourself; do you prefer larger crowds and full rates or smaller crowds and discount rates? Carnival celebrations can be found at different islands throughout the year.


High season: December to April

Generally speaking, the weather in the Caribbean is at its best from December to April thanks to less rain, humidity and comfortable nights. This is the peak season, so set cost and crowd volume to high. The high season is also the peak party season, perfect for those chasing a lively nightlife. Enjoy Junkanoo, a colourful street parade complete with music, dance and costume across the Bahamas and in Jamaica on Boxing and New Year’s days.

Don’t forget: Sunscreen and swimmers 

Low season: May to November

If you’re chasing cheaper rates, fewer crowds and don’t mind a little humidity and tropical rain, then head to the Caribbean between May and November. While you’re sure to snag a good deal on accommodation, check ahead as this is the peak time to close for construction and renovations. Hurricane season is from June to November, with good warning systems in place to take necessary precautions. Don’t miss the Barbados celebration of Crop Over festival, a flamboyant Mardi Gras-style affair, held each August.

Don’t forget: A waterproof coat or umbrella