Chile Transport Guide

Just 175 kilometres wide but long in length, travelling around Chile can be done in numerous ways, from the quick and easy trip to the winding and scenic route. Here are some of the best options for traversing your way from north to south and east to west in Chile.

How to get around Chile

Most international flights will land in Santiago International Airport. Within the capital city, transport mainly revolves around the metro and bus systems. Outside of Santiago,taking to the road is the main way to get around with much of the country linked by highways from north to south. Getting across the width of the country in the south is a little trickier due to the mountains, valleys and lakes in Patagonia and the Lakes District, but it is possible to get around by boat easier than by land. Of course, domestic flights do operate to some of the major cities including Temuco, Calama and Punta Arenas, but if you'd prefer to take the slow road, bus companies in Chile also operate long-distance routes for a cheaper option that's also comfortable and efficient. For a tourist-friendly journey, consider joining a tour of Chile.