Introduction to Christchurch

Christchurch has a population of around 370,000 people and is situated on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The largest city on the South Island is well known for its English-town theme and is home to small cafes, restaurants and bars throughout the area. While in 2010 and 2012 Christchurch experienced severe earthquakes, damaging much of the city’s buildings, much effort has been made to revive the city and bring back the crowd of tourists it once attracted.

Another fine example of Christchurch’s resilient spirit can be seen in the pop-up shopping district where quirky shipping containers have been transformed into unique shop fronts. Shopping in this bustling hub of commerce is a fantastic experience and a great indicator of Queenstown’s forward thinking and adaptability.

The River Avon cuts into the centre of the city and hugs the border of the famous and stunning Botanical Gardens. Head out onto the river for a peaceful ride in one of the many punts. The traditionally dressed punter welcomes guests aboard and skilfully navigates the small boat along the twisty scenic route. Keeping this age old tradition alive is an important part of the city’s heritage. Head out on Christchurch’s resident gondola and soar high into the sky to the site of an extinct volcano. The base located in the Heathcote Valley is around 15 minutes drive away from the centre. The vantage point is perfect for taking lots of snaps and viewing the surrounding landscape.


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