Christchurch Weather Guide

A year round destination, Christchurch sees typical New Zealand weather thanks to its central location. Temperatures in the city avoid the extremes with warm summers and chilly winters.

Seasons and Clothing

Summer: December to February

The summer season in Christchurch is comfortably warm and has the lowest amount of rainfall of the year. Precipitation in the area on average is 40 millimetres per month and certainly won’t affect plans made whilst staying there.

Average temperatures: 12 – 26 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts and a jacket encase the wind picks up

Don’t Forget: Sunscreen

Autumn: March to May

The days begin to slowly draw in and temperatures drop by a few degrees celsius in autumn. The season is a beautiful time of year as visitors can watch the landscape prepare for the encroaching cold winter snap. The average rainfall is 55 millimetres which usually falls over 7 days out of each month.

Average temperatures: 8 – 18 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Long pants, jumpers and a warm coat

Don’t Forget: Waterproof jacket.

Winter: June to August

Once June hits the chill is very apparent although this doesn’t stop the people of Christchurch. The sun generally rises at around 8 am and sets at an early time of 5 pm giving people in the area 9 hours of daylight to see the popular attractions. During this season the rainfall hits its peak at 71 millimetres which is historically around 9 days per month.

Average temperatures: 0 – 12 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Long pants, jumpers, a warm coat

Don’t Forget: Sunscreen, gloves and a hat

Spring: September to November

Lambs bound across the countryside and days grow longer as the season prepares for bright summer days. Spring is an unpredictable time of year as summer pulls the climate out from the clutches of winter. A chill still lingers however glorious days are frequent with rainfall dropping just 48 millimetres over 7 days each month.

Average temperatures: 7 - 18

Appropriate clothing: Light layers encase the temperatures drop

Don’t Forget: Sunscreen and sunnies