Europe Transport Guide

From bike-friendly cities to futuristic metro subways and international trains that travel underneath the ocean, Europe boasts an advanced network of local and international travel. Here, we break down some of the best ways to get around the continent.

How to get around Europe

Getting around Europe can be done in myriad ways; by donkey on the Greek Islands, bicycle in Amsterdam or even via the opulent subway in Moscow. Inter-country travel, however, is best done by train or plane, depending on where you're going. Europe's Eurostar and Eurail connect much of the continent to each other with Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam just a train ride away from London. If you'd prefer a quicker journey, flights throughout Europe can be quite cheap particularly when booked with low-cost airlines. If you'd prefer to go at a slower pace, you can always hire a car or join a coach tour for a more scenic journey. Seeing the continent by boat is also possible with a cruise of the Mediterranean or European rivers.