Germany Transport Guide

As you might expect, Germany has one of the most efficient transport systems in Europe including the notorious speed-limitless autobahn system. When you’re there, enquire about a ‘Welcome Card’ that offers reduced travel rates and admission rates to attractions throughout the country.

How to get around Germany

It’s easy to get around Germany and there are plenty of options if you want to set a cracking pace or take the time to enjoy the scenic routes. The most popular methods of moving around the country are by hire car - if you dare brave the autobahn, or the country’s impressive train network. Germany’s famous autobahns cover the country in an intricate crisscross system. Generally there is no enforced speed limits along these expressways, but some limits are signed and enforced in places with a high accident rate, city areas and the like. If you’re not game to drive, find someone to take you by way of the Mitfahrzentrale lift system - use your usual wits here, but do not hitchhike along the autobahns as it is illegal. Another popular and efficient option is the train network that serves more than 5,000 locations. Choose from direct or scenic routes and if you’re heading right off the beaten path, most areas have a regional bus system to get you to your final destination.