Greek Islands Currency Guide


The currency used in the Greek Islands is the Euro.


ATMs on the Greek Islands can be found in the typical tourist areas and main town centres. ATMs on the smaller and less populated islands may be hard to come by. To avoid being caught without cash, plan ahead and withdraw money at the tourist areas for your Greek Island holiday.


Since ATMs aren't as common in the Greek Islands as they are in major capital cities on the mainland of Greece, it's advised that you bring some Euros with you for the plane ride. You can exchange Australian Dollars into Euros before you leave Australia at various currency exchange outlets such as Travel Money Oz, which does not charge fees or commissions.

Travel Card

Avoid running out of cash on your Greek Island holiday by bringing a credit card or pre-paid travel money card with you. Cash Passports work in a similar way to credit cards in that you can use them wherever MasterCard is accepted, and you can also access your Euros from ATMs. The difference between the Cash Passport and a credit card is the money you access on the card is yours as the card allows you to load your money onto it in various currencies.