Things to do in the Greek Islands

With sunny days and spectacular views, it can be tempting to do very little during your stay in the Greek Islands. But while days spent poolside in the resorts may be hard to resist, doing this and nothing else would be a mistake of Acropolis-sized proportions.

At the top of your Greek Island wish list should be the pristine beaches. One of the most popular and beautiful spots in the region is Elafonisi Beach. Located on the island of Crete, this clear stretch of beach boasts turquoise waters and pure white sand that will prove irresistible. For something more secluded, the isolated beach of Mirtiotissa on Corfu enjoys a spectacular Mediterranean backdrop of soaring cliffs and inlets.

Once you've had your fair share of sun and swimming, it's worth making the most of your Mediterranean location by exploring all that the islands have to offer. Spend an evening at a winery in Santorini, sail around the Neo-Classical harbour of Rhodes, try your hand at Greek dancing on Skyros, swim under the waterfalls of Kythira, bask in the hot springs of Lesbos, hit the ouzo hard in Mykonos and do a little of what you fancy with an island-hopping adventure.

Where to go? We've selected some of our favourite Greek Island destinations to whet your appetite for the good life.


Most Greek Island holidays take place on the island of Crete and for good reason. Not only is Crete the largest of all the Greek Islands, but it is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. 


In party terms, Mykonos is to the Greek Islands what Ibiza is to Spain. Much of the island's nightlife is clustered within the Mykonos town, referred to by locals as Chora.


Of all the Greek Islands, few can match the ancient history of Rhodes. Its Colossus of Rhodes, a statute of the Greek Titan Helios, made famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 


Chances are if you've seen photos of the Greek Islands, you've seen Santorini. As famous for its view as it is for its architecture, the iconic white stone houses perched on cliffs overlooking azure waters are that of Santorini. 


Just a short day trip away from Athens, Hydra is a tiny paradise free of cars and scooters where you can get around on foot or by donkey! Head to escape  the Greek capital and dip your toes in the clear lagoons.


History buffs won't want to miss the archaelogical artifacts and historic sites on Cephalonia. Visit this Greek island for pebble beaches, family owned eateries and small fishing villages.


Corfu is one of the best-known Greek islands with abundant greenery, olive groves and beach parties galore. There's also a surprising mix of rural solitude, historic museums and busy towns.


You'll recognise the idyllic island scenery on Skiáthos from its starring role in the hit Abba-themed movie, "Mamma Mia'. With busy port cities, tranquil countryside and sandy shores, this Greek island is on the 'Money, Money, Money'.


Located close to Turkey, Lesbos is an unique Greek island locale full of interesting attractions. Head here to enjoy hot springs, medieval castles and mouth-watering local cuisine.