Hanoi Transport Guide

Don't let the endless stream of motorbikes turn you off exploring the streets of Vietnam's capital city, getting around Hanoi is easier than you think with options including cyclos, buses, taxis and even motorbike taxis.

How to get around Hanoi

With more than 60 public bus lines operating in the city, it's easy to just bus it around Hanoi. Not only are the vehicles quick, reasonably clean and comfortable, but a bus ticket is also dirt cheap. When you can't hail a bus, a metered taxi shouldn't be too far away or make like a local and take a xe om or scooter taxi - best for travelling solo and mostly found in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. If you're brave/mad enough to take to the roads by yourself, motorbikes and bicycles are easily hired, depending on your speed preference. Cyclos or pedicabs are also an option for short journeys - just make sure you agree on a price before you hop aboard.