Hawaii Weather Guide

Sunny one day, perfect the next - the old adage certainly applies to the sun-soaked islands of Hawaii. As a tropical region though, Hawaii does receive its fair share of rain, although never for very long making any season a great time to visit the Hawaiian Islands.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Summer in Hawaii falls in the dry season with warm temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius. For the most part, weather during this time is ideal however with such high and humid temperatures, hurricanes have been known to occur during the season bringing strong winds and wild weather. Summer is also when the islands are at their busiest with mainland Americans venturing to Hawaii for the summer break.

Average temperatures: 23 - 30 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Swimsuits, casual clothes and sandals.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn or fall in Hawaii is a fantastic time to visit the islands if you are on a budget. As these shoulder months fall in the off-peak season, flights and accommodation are significantly cheaper. Autumn is also situated between the dry and the wet season on the islands with warm temperatures and occasional rainfall a common occurrence. October is when the Molokai Hoe takes place, the championships of Polynesian outrigger canoe  where up to 100 race on the island of Molokai. You also won't want to miss the Aloha Festivals from September - a state-wide, 2 month-long celebration of all things Hawaiian. 

Average temperatures: 21 - 29 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Swimsuits, casual clothes and sandals.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Winter: December to February

Winter is incredibly mild in Hawaii. So mild, that it's still worth bringing your cossie plus a light jumper for when the temperatures drop slightly at night. Though it's rare, snow does occasionally fall on some of the island's mountains. Further to the snow, winter also takes place during the wet season with rain common, particularly around the mountains. While winter might not be the best time for sunbaking, it's a great time for surfing with Hawaii's legendary swells reaching their peak.

Average temperatures: 18 - 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Casual summer clothes and a light jacket for night.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, an umbrella and your surfboard.

Spring: March to May

Spring is commonly considered as the best time to visit Hawaii - the temperatures are mild, the tourist crowds are manageable and the rain has eased. The season does still fall in the wet season, although the rain is known more to be like sporadic showers rather than torrential downpours. Spring is also a tourist low season with plenty of discounts to be found. April heralds the Merrie Monarch Festival - a celebration honouring King David Kalakaua (who was known as the Merrie Monarch) through local traditions like hula and lei-making.

Average temperatures: 21 - 27 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Swimsuit, casual summer clothes and sandals.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses and an umbrella.