Characterised as a tropical climate that's susceptible to a humid wet season and warm dry season, Ho Chi Minh City actually rarely varies in temperature. Despite the difference in precipitation between the two seasons, you can expect hot weather all year round with record highs measuring around 38 degrees Celsius.

Season and Clothing

Dry Season: December to April

Basically, whatever time you travel to Ho Chi Minh City it's going to be hot. Though the dry season experiences warm temperatures, averaging around 27 degrees Celsius, humidity does ease during this time providing much relief to the city. With reliably pleasant weather, the dry season is regarded as the best time to visit Ho City Minh City. During this season Vietnam's largest city puts on a number of celebrations including New Year's Eve and the lunar Vietnamese New Year celebrations known as the Tet Holiday in late January or early February. April 30 also sees the national two-day holiday known as Reunification Day or Liberation Day, which commemorates the end of the US occupation and the war and the Fall of Saigon.

Average temperatures: 22 - 32 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Lightweight summer clothes and sandals.
Don't forget: SPF50+ sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Wet Season: May to November

The wet season is when HCMC experiences most of its rain as well as high humidity. During these months, temperatures average around 28 degrees Celsius, only slightly warmer than the dry season. While the wet season isn't the most popular time to go, don't let that stop you. Typically experiencing short bursts of rain, the wet season still enjoys moments of dry and sunny weather, not to mention lower accommodation rates. Important public holiday dates that fall within the wet season include Vietnam National Day or Independence Day, which marks the country's independence in 1945 on September 2, and Tet Nguyen Tieu - the Lantern Festival where lanterns are paraded through the streets and also released into the sky.

Average temperatures: 24 - 31 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Summer clothes and sandals.
Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses and an umbrella

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