Israel Transport Guide

Ever wanted to ride a funicular (cliff railway)? Here’s your chance. The city of Haifa sits mostly on top of Mount Caramel and you can get up and down it on an underground funicular called the Carmelite, where the difference in height between the first and last station is nearly 300 metres!

How to get around Israel

Israel is relatively small and easy to travel from one place to another in a short period of time. It is possible to fly within Israel, but the time and cost differences sometimes don’t make it a worthwhile option. The public transportation system is overall reliable with cheap train fares on Israel Railways between and within some cities. Taxis are more expensive, but a shared taxi service is handy and more affordable for some tourist destinations and getting to the public transportation network. Several private operated bus companies service major cities, towns and interconnect popular destinations further afield. Be warned, a lot of services do not operate during Jewish Shabbat, with services ending Friday afternoon and re-opening on Saturday evenings as well as Jewish holidays. An international student card can get you cheaper travel.