Things to do in Jordan

Immerse yourself in culture on a trip to the speculator rose city of Petra, the site of John the Baptist’s settlement; Bethany Beyond the Jordan or the early Islamic Desert Castles. Jordan’s capital Amman is not only full of modern activities, it also boasts a fun nightlife and is a great place to start a spiritual journey or exploration of historical sites (there are plenty across the country) before wandering over to places like Mount Nebo, an early place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims now filled with historical reminders like the Serpentine Cross.

Travel companies have set up a variety of adventure and eco-tourism activities to combine with visits to historic sites across the country. These include recreating the journey of Emperor Hadrian across Jordan via four-wheel drive or motorbike and embarking on a camel caravan and camping expedition through the central highlands and eastern deserts just like Lawrence of Arabia did many moons ago. 

If you’re into nature, there are plenty of places to explore — from the nothingness of the Wadi Rum to the deep Jordan Rift Valley that meets the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. The water of the Dead Sea is said to have healing powers and mineral hot springs containing this water can be enjoyed near Hammamat Zarqa and Ma'in Springs. To the north, the Ajlun Nature Reserve is a great place to camp and enjoy the oak and pistachio trees.

Go diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and fishing along the resort towns of the warm-watered Red Sea like Aqaba where you can also hike the surrounding mountains and marvel at the abundant marine life. Hikers should not miss the Wadi Mujib Gorge complete with pool and waterfall. Here, the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, the lowest nature reserve in the world, offer spectacular year-round scenery and swimming.


This ‘red-rose city’ was called ‘have the age of time’ in a poem that describes the ancient city that was calved from the mountainside rock thousands of years ago — Jordan’s most popular icon is a must-see for any tourist traveling in Jordan.

Wadi Rum

Giant sandstone and granite mountains overlook the sandy valleys, narrow canyons and desert tribes of Wadi Rum in south Jordan’s desert wilderness — Stay overnight and take it all in under a canopy of stars.

Ma'in Hot Springs

Enjoy a series of hot springs and waterfalls fuelled by the healing waters of the Dead Sea in a complex that also boasts spa services and nearby relics including prehistoric chamber tombs.


A coastal oasis on the banks of the Red Sea, Aqaba is a thriving beachside city — Jordan’s only coastal city — where the mountains meet the sea and the old meets the new in year round sunshine.

Dead Sea 

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface with year-round warm water so salty and full of mineral deposits no plants or animals can survive. It is relaxation and history personified.