Koh Samui Transport Guide

Getting from the pool to the beach may be as simple as walking, but to see more of the island you're going to need to join the chaos on the roads.

How to get around Koh Samui

Despite being only the third largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui is still relatively large. As such, walking everywhere isn't always an option. Road travel is the only means of getting around the island and thus the streets are constantly congested with traffic. As a traveller not used to Thai road rules (or lack thereof), we recommend you catch a taxi or taxi-bus called a songthaew instead of hiring a car. Just be sure to negotiate a price before you hop in. Alternatively, avoid the traffic and hire a bike, especially if you only need to travel a short distance. For a more scenic route around the island, consider joining a tour or cruise of Koh Samui.