Krakow Transport Guide

Most landmarks that appeal to tourists are tucked well within the city of Krakow and more often than not are a short distance between each other, allowing visitors to simply navigate the city by foot. When there is a need for public transport though, it’s really quite simple. A network of public busses and trams run frequently and are quite cheap. With such a simple network, members of the public will never find themselves waiting for a bus for more than a few minutes.

Getting Around Krakow

With prices around AUD90c for a one way ticket, getting around on public transport in Krakow is an incredibly budget friendly option. Tickets can be purchased from newsstands, ticket machines at downtown stops and in some buses and tram cars. 60-minute tickets can also be bought and uses a checkin-checkout method to time your journey. These passes can be extended to 24, 48 and 72 hours as well as a highly reduced 7 day ticket. For when you can’t see a bus or train, taxis are always buzzing about the city, just be sure to check the fare as some ‘private’ taxis are legally allowed to charge what they like. Krakow is a unique little city and shows signs of its old time heritage hence still servicing horse drawn carts as a novelty. Double-decker tour busses are available and are an excellent way to get to grips with the city and learn of its fascinating past. Being a typical European city, travelling by bike is a part of day-to-day culture. Just be sure to lock it up when you arrive at your destination.