Introduction to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, frequently known as KL, is the punchy capital city of Malaysia. The city has a population of 1.6 million and an annual visitation of around 8.9 million tourists, making it the 6th most visited city in the world. Constantly pushing boundaries Kuala Lumpur is certainly on the move having found a burst of energy in the last couple of decades and changing its infrastructure into an unrecognisable metropolis. Once an unknown and shabby tin-mining town, KL has been found to be a true diamond in the rough. Superlatively modern architecture guards the cityscape whilst rubbing shoulders with road side stalls that give commerce a whole new meaning.

Kuala Lumpur is the city that springs to mind upon hearing the country’s slogan ‘Malaysia – Truly Asia’. A fascinating capital that packs in history and various delightful diverse aspects no other city in the world can claim to have. KL doesn’t have to compete with other cities around the world as no other boasts such rich history alongside rapid growth and space age technology.

Ethnic Malays, Indians, Chinese and colonial Brits have all helped to shape this city into what it is today. Shopping, food and nightlife are all strong pulls for visitors; Kuala Lumpur is a friendly sociable place. 66 malls have been constructed which offer every single aspect of shopping imaginable, from high end fashion to cutting edge technology through to priceless yet inexpensive handmade KL charms.

Food served is the life and soul of each culture. Passionate street chefs cook up cuisines that have been passed down through generations and represent their personal history. Having a meal in Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic way to experience the city’s diverse culture so be sure to try a bit of everything.

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