Kuala Lumpur Transport

This up and coming city uses all of the usual modes of transport that you would expect to find in a large city. Buses and trains whiz through the streets and taxis hover in wait. Remember to keep your whits about you and stick to the taxi metre to ensure that the fare doesn’t jump to an extravagant price.

How to get around Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a critically important hub for transport across the south east corner of Asia. An international airport is located 50 kilometres out from the city centre and a huge train station servicing down to Singapore and up to Bangkok is located in central KL in the Brickfields area. Long distance taxis wait on the upper level of the Puduraya bus station and catching a short distance one should never be an issue. You can either ask at a hotel reception to book one for you, or hail one from the curb-side. Buses also travel long distances following train routes and can be found in the Puduraya and Pekeliling stations. Short haul buses spread out from Puduraya station as well and flow throughout the city within minutes of each other.

Hiring a car to get around the city is certainly only reserved for the brave. Amid densely packed traffic and endless one way systems, it could turn out to be more stress than it’s worth. Sticking to public transport or taxis is definitely advised.