Kuala Lumpur Weather Guide

Kuala Lumpur is a city located 348 kilometres north of the equator and so sees constant hot weather throughout the year. The tropical climate creates two seasons; a wet and ‘drier’ season. These occur twice yearly one after another. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate greatly however the amount of rainfall does. The heaviest rainfall is seen from early March through to late April and then again from September to November.  Visitors enjoy Kuala Lumpur all throughout the year but it is known to be at its busiest during the dry season.

Seasons and Clothing

Wet Seasons:March to April and September to November

In the wet season heavy rainfall will occur either mid afternoon or at the end of a long hot day. Humidity stays at 80% throughout the year however after a downpour during the wet season humidity thankfully lowers for a brief period.

Average Temperature: 23 – 33 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Light weight fabrics, shorts, singlets and sandals.

Don’t Forget: A waterproof plastic poncho and sun protection.

Dry Seasons: May to August and December to February

During the dry season Kuala Lumpur is rejuvenated as these are the times in the year when no monsoons are present in the area. Showers do still occur but usually last around an hour and the landscape is dry soon after due to the constant high temperatures. Rainfall helps lower the humidity in the area.

Average Temperature: 22 – 33 degrees Celsius

Appropriate clothing: Light weight fabrics, loose fitting clothes, shorts, singlets and sandals

Don’t Forget: A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen