Most movies set in Las Vegas are more a case of what not to do in Vegas, complete with painful hangovers and hilarious consequences. For what to do in Las Vegas, you need to look to more reputable sources - like our travel guide. Below is some helpful information to guide you on your Las Vegas holiday.

Visa Requirements

As part of the United States, Australian passport holders are eligible to holiday in the states for up to 90 days without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program. In order to travel under this program, you must apply and be granted authorisation through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization prior to your trip. Please be aware this information is only a guideline. For up-to-the-minute visa information, contact your local US embassy.


The currency in Las Vegas is the US Dollar. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the US Dollar changes constantly, so monitor the rate to get the best deal. For safe spending while overseas, consider bringing a credit card or travel money card with you. Cash Passports are ideal for international travel as they can hold a range of currencies, including US Dollars, and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.


Nothing screams Las Vegas food quite like a buffet. Usually operating 24/7, casino buffets are the stuff of hangover dreams. However, some are better than others. The best can be found at the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas. And don't forget to try a shrimp cocktail or two - it's the cornerstone of Vegas dining. For hangover cuisine of the greasy variety, try a wood-fired pizza at Verace Pizza Napoletana, a beastly burrito from El Sombrero in Old Vegas or the decadent honey toast from Ichiza, which involves baked bread, honey, butter and vanilla ice-cream. Hello happiness!


Las Vegas is a party city that goes hard and never really goes home. Whatever hour and whatever day of the week, the city has a bar open and a show playing. The trick to having the best time in Vegas is to be prepared. Seeing a popular Cirque du Soleil show comes down to booking tickets in advance. Getting to the packed-out dance floor at Marquee, the city's biggest mega-club, will require starting out early and staying put. Vegas nightlife can get quite crowded, so it's best to find a place and stick to it otherwise you'll be left outside in the line missing out on all the fun.

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