Things to do in Las Vegas

If there is one thing to do in Las Vegas, it's win big. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and about as likely to happen as Taylor Swift getting back together with one of her exes (never ever, apparently). But it doesn't hurt to have a go. While we can't give you any tips on how to win, we can tell you that the more social games are the way to go. Step away from the noisy slot machine and into a blackjack chair. Roulette is great for novices and a good way to have a flutter without blowing it all in a 5-hour slot-machine binge (there's no clocks in casino for a reason).

Once you've had a go, step away from the gambling floor and explore the perks of the casinos. The Bellagio Fountains are a must, the breakfast buffet at Wynn is a perfect hangover cure, and The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York is a cheap thrill best enjoyed a few hours after that breakfast buffet has settled in your stomach. Then there are the party pools, lavish spas, expansive nightclubs and resident shows. Whatever you choose to do, just prepare for it to be very shiny and sleek-looking.

Out on the Strip and surrounds, myriad attractions compete for your attentions with their shouty neon signs. From zip-lining to gangster museums, Las Vegas is renowned for its novel take on touristic sites. To ground yourself, head to the desert or the Grand Canyon to see natural sights that are so jaw-droppingly awesome in their scope, they don't need the services of neon.

So even if you don't win big, you can still enjoy yourself while feeling like a million bucks, whether you're at the casinos or checking out the neon attractions. Especially at the following places: 


Known simply as the Bellagio, Bellagio Las Vegas hotel is particularly respected for its poker tables with many of the world's professional poker players using the floor as their ‘home office of sorts. 

Caesars Palace

While not the biggest casino in town (the Venetian Palazzo takes out the number one spot), the Roman-themed Caesars Palace hotel and casino is still an icon of Las Vegas and a must-do.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Not quite like the Big Apple but pretty darn close, the New York-New York Hotel & Casino is influenced by the city that never sleeps in Sin City with plenty of attractions to rival the Empire State.


Located on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of the Strip, the Stratosphere stands out with its 350 metre-high observation tower - the tallest structure in Las Vegas and the tallest observation tower in the USA. 

Grand Canyon

Located in Grand Canyon National Park in the state of Arizona, the magnificent Grand Canyon is immense in size, spanning 446 kilometres long, 29 kilometres wide and 1.6 kilometres deep. 

Fremont Street

Up there with one of the busiest streets on earth; Fremont Street is Las Vegas’ second most famous strip after Las Vegas Boulevard, and is located right in the centre of the downtown casino corridor. 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Clear blue Nevada desert sky, thundering all-American muscle cars, roaring crowds, supersized RVs and driving passion by the bucketload all culminates to make for a fantastic day out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Mandalay Bay

In true Las Vegas style, Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort is overtly extravagant soaring 44 storeys into the Nevada Desert sky while radiating a golden shimmer. Mandalay Bay is well known for the vast selection of entertainment it offers to guests and visitors. 

The Adventuredome

Hectares of unadulterated fun (2 hectares to be precise!) are to be enjoyed at The Adventuredome, set on Las Vegas’ infamous strip and shaded under a bright and breezy pink-tinted glass roof.

Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is  situated in one of Las Vegas’ most prominent former courthouses, which has stood here since 1933, and is now dedicated to the relationship between prolific organised crime syndicates and the band of law enforcers hot on their heels.