Introduction to Lima

Lima is a bit of a wallflower. A shy city often overlooked as a mere stopover point for travellers on their way to the more famous Peruvian attraction of Machu Picchu. And while there's no denying the famous Inca city is Peru's biggest drawcard, that doesn't mean that its modern-day capital Lima should be ignored entirely.

Like most wallflowers, give it a chance and Lima will surprise you. As the capital and largest city of Peru, its size is impressive. Within the city are 43 districts, each with their own identities, from sleek and modern neighbourhoods to orderly shantytowns and a colonial church on almost every corner. It's also the oldest city in the Americas with architecture representing each of the last 5 centuries, and was once the capital of Spanish South America. Pretty impresssive stuff.

Despite being built on a valley surrounded by an extremely arid desert, Lima also goes by the title of ‘Garden City'. Some of its best stretches of green can be found along the seaside cliffs of Miraflores, a popular surfing/skateboarding/soccer hangout boasting spectacular views.

While it's essential to take in the city and sea sights and wander through your fare share of attractions, you would be remiss to leave Lima without taking a minute to truly soak it in. You can do so while sipping a pisco sour at Larcoma, enjoying a bowl of ceviche along the Boulevard of Gastronomy or dancing at a club in Barranco. For a wallflower city, Lima will surprise you. You just need to give it a chance.


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