Lima Transport Guide

The streets in Lima can get chaotic at times, but luckily for you the Peruvian capital city has a range of transport options to help you get to where you want to go.

How to get around Lima

In Lima, you can take your pick from a range of transport options including various buses, trains and cabs. If you can, stick to the Tren Electrico metro train system. If you're staying in Lima for a few days though, it's inevitable that the relatively small metro system will not always get you where you want to go. When that happens, you are faced with the complicated bus system. There is no central bus station, however each local bus company has its office and station in either La Victoria or near Paseo de la Republica. Some of the buses in Lima, as part of the Metropolitano system, run on lanes that are partitioned off from the normal road and are thus quicker, while other buses run complicated and incredibly slow routes. The quality of each bus varies widely as well. For a cheap trip, the local minibuses (known as combis or micros) will stop anywhere. If your patience runs thin and you're not one for rundown vehicles, we suggest catching a taxi. Lima cabs don't use meters, so be sure to agree on the price for your destination before your ride.