Macau Currency Guide


The Macau Pataca is the currency of Macau.


ATMs are readily available in Macau. Be sure to always carry cash as a backup in case the power goes down, the ATM is out of order, or you lose or break your plastic. If you plan on withdrawing money or using your credit card while travelling, don’t forget to notify your bank before you go for security purposes and to check what international withdrawal fees may apply to your card.


Before you leave home, don't forget to convert some of your Australian Dollars into Macau Pataca to have with you when you arrive in Macau. The Pataca is pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar and both currencies are used interchangeably throughout Macau, which is handy if you are visiting the two cities. 

Credit Card

Plastic is accepted in pretty much every shop, restaurant and hotel in Macau. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards; double check with your bank before you travel about accessing your various accounts while in Macau.