Things to do in Malaysia

Much of Malaysia’s attractions lie around its natural assets such as the islands of Langkawi. Spanning 99 tightly packed islands located just off the of Kedah coastline in the azure Andaman Sea, Langkawi is a haven for visitors. An impressive sky bridge is suspended over a mountain rage 700 metres above sea level on Pulau Island and is only accessible by cable car. Langkawi is also duty free, adding yet another feather to its cap.

Trips to what is argued to be the most beautiful untouched diving spot in the world can be found on the easterly island of Sipadan. The Indo-Pacific Basin boasts breathtaking underwater destinations such as Turtle Tavern and the Drop Off. Watch your step as waist-high turquoise waters turns a cold blue as water unexpectedly plunges to a depth of 600 metres.

Back on land and for something more bustling, head to the central business district of Kuala Lumpur, locally known as the Golden Triangle. Found to the northeast of the capital city, here you can bag a bargain at the local markets as well as explore the various nearby temples and mosques in the Chinatown district. A trip to Kuala Lumpur cannot go without taking in the views from world’s tallest twin towers. On the 41st floor of the Petronas Towers, a Skybridge connects the two buildings, offering a great vantage point and a picture-perfect moment.

For more must-see sights in Malaysia, here's our favourites.

Bukit Bintang

The epicentre for shopping and entertainment in Kuala Lumpur and nestled in the famous Golden Triangle, the area’s boulevard, known as Bitang Walk, is a great place to explore with trendy bars and cafes, second-to-none shopping facilities and bustling night markets lining either side.


The World Heritage site of Georgetown is a heavily populated town that holds onto its traditions tightly. Centuries-old architecture serves as a reminder of its past and fascinating generations-old trades are still practised daily with fortune-telling and rattan weaving available.

Batu Ferringhi

Penang’s most popular beach town, Batu Ferringhi boasts picturesque beaches lining the area, ideal for sunbathing. Shops, well-established hotels and an infectious nightlife also provide a fun formula for a summer holiday.

Petronas Towers

Simply unmissable, the Petronas Towers are the tallest twin buildings in the world and look across Kuala Lumpur with a dominant presence. its 88 floors reach to a dizzy height of 452 metres and house a large variety of attractions including the Skybridge located on the top floor observation deck in Tower 2.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves will dazzle, frazzle and delight you...after you make the climb, of course. Conquer 272 stairs and come face to face with Murugan, follow the adventures of Lord Rama and hang out with some swinging critters, chittering overhead.

Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is the crowning glory of the diverse Mt Kinabalu National Park; the 4,095-metre giant will leave you open mouthed and wide-eyed, as you prepare to scale the cliffs, paths and endless staircases to the shelf of Low’s Peak. Inside hint – don’t let the name fool you.