Malaysia Weather Guide

Malaysia’s weather is divided into two distinct areas experiencing two distinct seasons. The equator line runs at a tangent to the south of Malaysia seeing typically high temperatures along with fairly thick humidity. The wet season on the east coast is seen from November to February and is usually more extreme than the west of the peninsula where the wet season starts from April and finishes in October. The west coast tends to have a brief down pour in the afternoon lowering humidity and quickly returning to blissful blue skies. 

Season and Clothing

East Coast Dry Season: March to October

The unspoiled east coast is at its best during the months of April and October. Long hot and dry days average around 30 degrees Celsius. A tropical downpour may occur but will become more infrequent as the months pass by. June and July are the busiest times in terms of tourism in the area. The climate is at its calmest and conditions in the sea for underwater exploration are perfect.

East Coast Wet Season: November to February

The the wet season on the east coast begins with sudden downpours often occurring in the afternoon and then quickly returning to sunny weather. From mid-November through to February monsoons hit this coastline fairly hard and many resorts close because of this. Choppy seas and high winds cascade down from China sweeping around Vietnam and eventuating along Malaysia’s east coast. 

West Coast Dry Season: November to April

West Coast Dry Season: November – April

The dry season on the west coast is Malaysia’s peak tourist season and for good reason. As the eastern side of the country is experiencing less than suitable conditions the west coast is quite the opposite. Hot and humid weather sweeps the area at the beginning quickly transforming into an idyllic beach paradise. The average temperature throughout these months is 30 degrees Celsius.

West Coast Wet Season: May to October

This period of the year brings monsoon weather conditions particularly on the northern end of the coast including the Islands of Langkawi. The sea is choppy and winds are high during the midst of the season. Temperatures remain high at an average of 30 degrees Celsius and hour-long showers during the day are common. Throughout September winds begin to decline and by October the monsoons that are still present on the southern region of the coast ease. The northern end of the coastline sees excellent climatic conditions although be weary of the departing monsoon season around the end of the month.